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4 Methods to End A Primary School English Composition

Have you ever enjoyed a book or movie, only to be disappointed by the lacklustre ending? A good story is incomplete without an outstanding ending. Let us review the ways to help your child avoid the pitfalls of a vapid conclusion in their primary school English compositions! End with a cliff-hanger A cliff-hanger is a […]

Why are Small Class Size Tuition Classes More Beneficial?

Is being ‘small’ considered a ‘big’ thing? Yes, especially if it involves English tuition! Small class size tuition or big class size tuition? Unerringly, parents choose the former over the latter whenever they are offered a choice between the two while enrolling their children. Why is it so?  English tuition complements a student’s classroom learning […]

3 Effective Writing Skills that will make Stories Come Alive!

What makes a story unforgettable and enthralling? What effective writing skills can help your child write a dynamic story that stands out from the rest? The best writers are able to paint a picture using their words. To help your child write captivating compositions, here are three pointers that they should be incorporating into their […]

Does reading model compositions help to improve composition writing?

Hot selling English books that fly off the shelves at bookstores are – guessed it right? – books of English Model Compositions! Dealing with a wide array of writing topics, these model compositions are packed with extensive impactful vocabulary, impressive sentence structures and creative story plots. Consequently, they are popular with students, especially primary school […]