5 Writing Techniques To Improve Primary Composition Writing

Composition writing can be a tough component for many students and an equally tricky lesson to teach in English Tuition. There is no one fixed, or correct, method to constructing a model composition to refer to. This means some may struggle to properly compose their compositions as the content they need to produce would always vary […]

Why choose WELearn, Write Edge’s Online English and Writing Lessons?

At Write Edge, we promise to offer high-quality content, structured materials and unique teaching methods during our live online classes for children of all proficiencies and levels. To keep your child engaged, we have spared no effort to ensure that our programme is interactive and your child’s learning goals are met. Our dedicated Write Edge […]

Tips on Tackling Primary Comprehension

Tips on Tackling Primary Comprehension Comprehension is an indispensable component of English. After all, it means to obtain an understanding of what we read, or what others are saying! It is only once we comprehend, that we can find meaning and significance from the content we consume.  To be able to master such a vital […]

Role of Enrichment Centres

What Is Our Role as an Enrichment Centre? No More Mid-Year Exams From 2023 – What Is Our Role as an Enrichment Centre? With the announcement that the mid-year examinations across all Primary and Secondary schools in Singapore will be scrapped from the year 2023, the ever-simmering debate whether exams benefit or disadvantage students is […]

How to prepare my child for an online writing class

Working from home? Home-based learning? These were terms that we had never heard of, until the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, you may have enjoyed the convenience of continuing your work or studies without leaving the comfort of your home, while others do so to safeguard their health. Regardless of the reason, studying […]

5 Common Mistakes in Primary Composition Writing

Making mistakes in writing may be mortifying for many of us, but it need not be so. Fixing these mistakes and making a conscious effort to not repeat them is, however, priority. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes primary school students make while finding their feet on their writing journey.   Mistake #1: […]

How to Break Down a Composition Topic : 2021 PSLE Topic, A Promise

2021 PSLE saw the novelty of students graduating under the new grading system. What remained unchanged was the Primary English composition format. A specific topic, 3 unlinked pictures and a story based on 1 or more of them – all of which were familiar ground to students. Here comes the time to step back and […]

Primary Creative Writing – How to make the best out of model compositions

One of the surefire ways to grasp effective writing skills to enliven stories is through model compositions. Each one of them is a treasure trove of information on story plots and structures as well as impactful vocabulary. Ironically, model compositions are double-edged tools. How so? On one hand, students become so reliant on them that […]