Primary 3

Primary Creative Writing

Primary 3

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unfortunate Day With My Best Friend

Have you ever been in a heart-stopping catastrophe before? I have. That frightening day will always be etched in my mind…

I was sauntering to the park to meet with my best friend, Daniel. We were going to hang out together as it was the school holidays. Within minutes, I reached the park and began searching for Daniel. As soon As I found Daniel, we scurried like mice to the bike shop and rented our bikes. My eyes sparkled with happiness as I took off riding my bicycle. Daniel and I guffawed with glee, as it was a parent-free day. Although we cycled non-stop for fifteen minutes, the both of us felt as energetic as ever and had a whale of a time in the park.

Minutes soon turned into hours and Daniel and I were feeling bored stiff just cycling in circles. Suddenly, an idea struck me like a bolt of lightning. “Daniel, Do you want to see me do a trick”? I enquired, as I grinned like a Cheshire cat. Daniel nodded his head and shrieked in excitement. I took a deep breath, as I was about to overcome my biggest fear by performing my special trick. I trembled in trepidation as I began to cycle while slowly lifting my hands off the handles. I could not believe my eyes! I was finally overcoming my fear! I thought it would be as hard as a Greek puzzle but it turned out to be a piece of cake. I was riding on cloud nine! Little did I know that my expectations would turn out to be wrong…

“Daniel, are you astounded by what I can do, and you can’t?” I teased, sticking out my tongue. An angry frown started to crease on his forehead. I was laughing at my heart’s content about my silly joke. “You better be sorry as your foolish action is dangerous!” Daniel warned with some severity. However, I turned a deaf ear to Daniel’s warning. I turned to face the front and all I could see was a wooden bench, and I was heading straight for it! My mouth fell agape just seconds before I hit the bench.

Crash! I was flung up in the air for what seemed like minutes. It was as if the world had stopped spinning. I tried to reach out for the nearest object, but to no avail. I landed on the ground with a loud thud! Daniel was transfixed by the scene for a short moment before punching his fingers on his mobile phone to call for the paramedics. Crimson red blood oozed out of my arms and knees. At the sight of blood, I fainted and Daniel shook me continuously to wake me up.

Within minutes, the sound of the life-saving vehicle siren could be heard from a distance. The paramedics swiftly loaded me onto a stretcher and the ambulance took me to the hospital. When I woke up, a flurry of anxious faces were surrounding me. Although I was the victim, I was being reprimanded for my foolish actions after my parents heard about it.

This was the first and last time I experienced something so unfortunate with my best friend. Once bitten, twice shy! I promised never to act so recklessly ever again.

Valerie Kang
Primary 3 (2017), Anderson Primary School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unfortunate Day With My Best Friend

The sun shone brilliantly across the vast blue sky. Golden fingers of sunlight darted through the magnolia white clouds. It was a perfect day to go outdoors! John and I were going to the park, which was a stone’s throw away from my house to cycle. We brought our bikes to the park and began to cycle.

Just then, John hollered, “Dan! Let us have a competition to see who can do the most stunts!” as he rode up to me quickly. “No, it is alright, I do not want to do the stunt competition,” I replied, cycling off. So, John did the stuns on his own.

“Look at me!” John exclaimed as he lifted his hands off the handle. His bicycle swayed from left to right as he balanced himself. Next, he tried to cycle with his eyes closed. My palms turned clammy and I tried to warn him. However it was too late…

Bang! His bike hit a bench along the pavement. He got thrown off the bike and he tried to grapple with the air but to no avail. He landed on the ground with a loud thud! “ John! John! Are you alright?” I asked as I got off my bike and dashed to his aid. “Ahh!!” John moaned as tears welled up in his eyes. His legs were throbbing in pain. Curious passers-by stopped to look and soon, a commotion was formed. Some called the ambulance while I used tissues to press against his wound. Crimson blood was oozing out and John was in terrible pain.

After what seemed like forever, the wailing sirens of the ambulance announced its arrival. Paramedics arrived and helped John get up. They put him on a stretcher and brought John to the ambulance. Before he knew it, he sank into darkness.

Hours later, John woke up. “Mom!” John exclaimed and the duo buckled into a tight hug. Lucky for John, he did not suffer major injuries. The doctor told him not to play outdoor activities for a week and get lots of rest.

John promised his mother never to misbehave and do stunts on the bicycle anymore. It was truly an unfortunate day out with my best friend!

Wong E Vee
Primary 3 (2017), Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

Falling Sick

The sun shone brilliantly in the vast blue sky. It was a mundane Saturday afternoon. Mary and John decided to go jogging at Bishan Park which was a stone’s throw away from their home. Even though John had complained that the weather was too hot, Mary still insisted on going jogging. Finally, Mary managed to persuade John to go with her.

In the blink of any eye, the duo reached the park. Mary was grinning like a Cheshire cat, as she loved exercising. “Come and catch me!” taunted Mary as a smirk spread across her face. Immediately, John started to sprint after her. No matter how quickly John ran, he still could not catch her. At last, he stopped chasing Mary and stomped his feet in frustration. “It’s not fair! I can never catch you! Why don’t we jog around the park instead?” John grumbled angrily. Mary agreed. After about twenty minutes, they had jogged about three rounds already! They then continued to do this for two more hours.

Suddenly, John’s head started to spin and his vision began to blur. He also started to feel very tired. However, he did not want to seem like a weakling in front of Mary so he continued to jog for half an hour more. As he was jogging, Jack could not stand the dizziness any longer so he collapsed onto the floor. Upon seeing this, Mary hurriedly called John’s parents and told them that John had collapsed onto the floor at Bishan Park. Other joggers crowded around John to see what had happened.

Soon, John’s parents arrived at the scene. They pushed through the crowd and saw John lying on the ground. Without hesitation, they carried John back home to take his temperature. Luckily, he only had a slight fever and would be in the pink of health again in no time. Mary was apologetic for forcing John to run under the hot sun. She also learnt a lesson to never exercise under the sweltering heat again lest she also falls sick.

Edmund Tang
Primary 3 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unfortunate Day Out with my Best Friend

One day, my best friend and I were going out at the park cycling. The sky was full of cotton wool clouds. We guffawed with glee as were having fun. My best friend told me that he had learnt some new stunts.

“Look at me!” he yelled as he did the stunt. He was riding his bicycle without using his hands! I was surprised as he threw his hands in the air. That was such an awesome stunt! Time flew past and soon, I told my best friend that I needed to go home.

Before I left, he raced down a steep slope. He was not looking where he was cycling as he called out to me. I realised that he was cycling towards a bench. “LOOK OUT!!!!” I screamed as I pointed at the bench. However, my best friend, glanced around and immediately did a swift turn as he pressed on the brakes. Overcome with fright, he lost his balance and fell down in a swoon. Fighting back tears, he grimaced in pain as he tried to stand up. I was petrified and stood there with my mouth hung open. I rushed to his side and asked him if he was alright. “Ca..ll ca…lll tt..he..the am..bul…ance,” he whimpered. I immediately whipped out my phone and dialed “999”. I told the paramedics where we were and soon, we heard the familiar wailing of sirens.

While the ambulance rushed my best friend to the hospital, I quickly called his parents and my parents. Soon, we were at the hospital. My best friend’s parents burst into the room and asked the doctor if he was alright. The doctor replied that he had just sprained his ankle.

At the hospital, my best friend apologised to his parents as he had sped down the slope when they told him not to. He was dispirited and regretted his actions because for the next few days, walking was difficult and cycling was almost impossible. It was indeed an unfortunate day!

Reyes Ng
Primary 3 (2015)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unfortunate Day Out with my Best Friend
“Hi Ben, do you want to cycle with me along the road?” I asked him as my eyes lit up with exuberance. “Alright!” We took our bicycles and soon headed off.

On our bicycles, we were guffawing with glee and shrieking in excitement. Ben started doing stunts and I was amazed that he could do those stunts! I wished I could do them too! At that juncture, a brilliant idea struck me. I dared Ben to have a race with me. “Bring it on!” Ben declared and we started the race in no time. While we were travelling down a steep slope, I looked up ahead and saw a bench right ahead. I tried to get Ben’s attention frantically but he was too engrossed in the race.

Bang! Ben’s bicycle headed towards the bench. Overcome with fright, he lost his balance and fell down in a swoon. Tears careened down his face and blood started to ooz out from his knee and elbow. Passers-by stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Ben falling off his bicycle. I phoned Ben’s parents and they were shocked to hear that. They rushed to the scene and to help him clear the wound on his knee and elbow.

Without a moment’s delay, Ben was sent to the clinic for a check-up. I followed them to the clinic and heaved a sigh of relief when we heard that he was fine.

From that day onwards, Ben and I decided not to take up any challenge from each other. We hoped this painful incident would not happen again. We would not forget how Ben fell down onto the ground with great thud. It was an unfortunate day with my best friend.

Hubert Kee
Primary 3 (2015)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

A Minor Inconvenience
Golden fingers of the sunlight shone onto the surface of the earth roasting everything in its path. I was dashing to the train station as I was late for school. There were people from all walks of life. Some were dressed impressively while others strolled about in casual clothing. I jostled my way through and finally boarded a train.

Kaboom! A loud sound echoed through the train tunnel and the train came to an abrupt halt. “Attention please. This train has broken down. Please alight the train. Please board the bus instead. Thank you for your cooperation” a low voice announced over the public announcement system. Virtually all the passengers around me groaned, including myself.

I made my way to the bus stop which was packed to the brim with people. Hot fumes emitted by the heavy vehicles added to the discontent of people. The salty smell of perspiration filled the air. Frustration nibbled at my heart when I was waiting for the bus. After waiting for what what seemed like an eternity, I had no choice but to book a taxi.

When I reached school, I was late. I explained to my teacher was had happened on my way to school. Fortunately, she forgave me. She had seen the news of the breakdown on the television. I sighed heavily in relief before making my way to class.

What a dreadful day!

Bryan Then
Primary 3 (2015)