Primary 4

Primary Creative Writing

Primary 4

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Inconsiderate Act
The shrill ring of the school bell resounded throughout the school. The only source that could be heard was the chairs being pushed abruptly against the floor and the students chattering boisterously. Everyone darted out of the class and towards the newly revamped canteen where a sea of gastronomic delights awaited. My tummy was grumbling and I drooled as the lovely aroma of the chicken rice wafted into my nostrils. Without a moment’s hesitation, I made a beeline towards the new western food store.

The queues were snaking long and I had to queue for a long while. Just then, when I was at the front of the queue, I noticed Weevil jostling through the crowd with a sneer plastered on his face. Weevil was the notorious school bully whose name spreads like wildfire in the school. A shiver ran down my spine when I saw him stride purposefully towards me. Thud! In the blink of an eye, he had shoved me onto the floor and took my place in the queue. Shock robbed me of my speech as I lay on the floor pathetically.

At that juncture, everyone was whispering amongst themselves and pointing fingers at me. All eyes were fixated on me. Some were even snickering. Just then, an acute pain jolted up my leg and I clutched it tightly.

“Ow!” I sobbed as tears careened down my cheeks like a broken faucet. Abashed from the staring, my face turned beet-red. How I wished I could dig a hole in the ground and disappear into thin air!

Fortunately, the principal, Mr Keto had witnessed this scene. He stepped forward and reprimanded Weevil in a booming voice, “How could you have done such an inconsiderate act? Do you know that you could be sent to jail for assault? Mind your own behavior!” Mr Keto’s face contorted with rage as his eyes shot daggers at Weevil. Meekly, Weevil had no choice but to apologise profusely and retreat to the back of the line. I accepted his apology and even shook his hand. Even though we did not become friends, Weevil would always wave when we walk by each other. After that incident, Weevil also stopped his tyrannical ways.

I hope I would never be the victim of another inconsiderate act!

Edmund Tang
Primary 4 (2017), Hong Wen Primary School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Inconsiderate Act
The entire class was silent as we watched the hands of the clock tick slowly towards nine. We were waiting impatiently to eat in the newly revamped canteen, which was sure to be a sea of gastronomic delights. We were promised fans and clean tables! It also had a theme, “Food Heaven.”

“Briiiing!” The school bell rang sharply. As the noise resonated through the school, my classmates and I shoved each other to get into the new canteen. I sprinted up quickly to the canteen. Within minutes, I was at the entrance of the “Food Heaven.”

The canteen was tiled with turquoise blue tiles and at the entrance, a huge papier-mâché sculpture of a plate with the words “Food Heaven” was inscribed on it. Murals covered every wall. The canteen was filled with the incessant chatters of excited children and smelt of gastronomic delights, such as pasta as today was “Italian Day.” It was crowded as even those children who normally played at the filed, decided to eat today!

Finally, after jostling with the crowd for what seemed like hours, I entered the canteen itself. Immediately, everyone, including myself, made a beeline for Uncle Lim’s stall, as he was friendly and served great meals including my all time favourite – pizza! He gave bananas to children who bought his food too!

After buying a double cheese pizza with extra ham, I strode purposefully towards my new lunch tables, eating my banana on the way.

When I finished my mouth-watering wholesome banana, I threw the peel on the floor, as I could not be bothered to pick that thing up. Just then, I saw the school’s most notorious bully heading my way. He was about to step on the peel!

The bully slipped and teetered, then tottered, then….

“Crash!” The sound resonated through the canteen. Everybody looked up and stared at us, mouths agape. Face contorted with rage, the bully looked up and saw me standing there with a piece of banana in my mouth. “So you were the one who made me fall!” He roared at me. In a flash, he stood up and had me sprawled on my back.

Just then, the teacher on duty came. “Pete! Pan! What is happening!”? He yelled with his arms akimbo. We were grabbed by the collar and hauled out of the canteen. At that juncture, all I could think about was, “Oh no!”

In the general office, we sat down at a rectangular table with the teacher opposite us. “Pete, why did you push Dan?! You have no reason to do so!” He bellowed.

These words struck me like an arrow to my heart. A wave of remorse swept over me and I knew I had to do the right thing.

I blurted out, “No, sir. I threw a banana peel on the floor, and he slipped on it. He had every right to be upset with me.”

The teacher seemed satisfied with the explanation. With a calmer voice, he chided, “Pete, you need to learn how to control your anger. Dan, please do not litter. The cleaners in our school work very hard. Littering is inconsiderate and it becomes a dangerous act in a crowded environment. “ Then, we were asked to shake hands and make up. We shook hands and mumbled in unison, “sorry.”

As of now, we are the best of friends. Pete has learnt to control his anger and as for me, after this whole episode, I can proudly say that I have learnt a valuable lesson. “Do not litter!” The teacher’s words would ring in my head ever since.

Tan E Jie
Primary 4 (2017), Rosyth School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

Cutting A Queue
Ring! The school bell rang and all the students bolted to the canteen as they heard their stomach growling. They were ravenous and were oblivious to the newly revamped canteen as they were more interested in the sea of gastronomic delights awaiting in the canteen. Ben was strolling purposefully to meet his friends at the canteen. From a distance, he could see his friends waving profusely to him as he was heading towards them. Ben’s eyes glittered with tears of joy as he headed towards the Ramen food stall to try the latest item on the menu. To his horror, the canteen was packed like sardines and was bustling with activity. He was in deep thought as to what he should do to get to the stall faster.

Suddenly, all eyes were on the muscular and big-sized notorious bullies. Everyone’s face turned as pale white as a sheet and some of them tried to dash but to no avail as the bullies got them in a blink of an eye. The stomping of their feet grew louder and they headed to their favourite food stall together.

Out of the blue, one of them went towards Ben and tried to cut his queue. Luckily, Ben was brave enough to stop the bully from pushing his way to the front. The bully’s face contorted with rage as he felt the burning urge to scream at everyone. The other bully jostled through the crowd and zoomed towards the stall.

“Hey, do you know who I am?!” one of the bully hollered at Ben as they started arguing and fighting. “Eh, you are a very inconsiderate person!” Ben retorted as he grabbed the notorious bully by his collar. He threw the bully onto the ground and the bully landed on the floor with a sickening thud. Everybody’s mouths were agape and their jaw dropped as they gasped in horror at the scene. Tom, Ben’s friend reported everything he witnessed to the principal. Having heard Tom’s statement, the principal stomped to the canteen.

“Ben Lim and Jack Tan!” the principal yelled, his arms akimbo. The boys had to explain their actions and serve their punishments. From that day onwards, they promised the principal that they would never bully anyone in school as they took their leave from the principal’s room.

Memories of what transpired that day will be etched in both of their heads forever. As the saying goes, “once bitten, twice shy.” The boys learnt a valuable lesson to not bully anyone or cut a queue so that they will never have to bear the consequences ever again.

Hubert Kee
Primary 4 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

Cutting A Queue
“Ring… Ring…” The school bell rang as everyone dashed to the newly revamped canteen. Everyone’s eyes glittered with tears of joy at the sight of their new canteen. It was the start of the new school year! The sun shone brilliantly in the vast blue sky and magnolia white clouds drifted across the sky. Everyone was excited to meet their friends again, but they all dreaded meeting the school’s notorious bully.

I, Darrel Ang, was the school’s notorious bully. I was in Primary Six that year and I went back to school bigger and stronger, ready to start a year of bullying again.

“Oooh… Aaah… Wow… Yay!” The Primary Ones wowed in delight. I strode purposefully towards the canteen as everyone made space for me. When I reached the canteen, I jostled through the crowd and scanned through the sea of gastronomic delights. I was spoilt for choice! Everything looked extremely delicious. Finally, I made my choice to eat fishball noodles soup. However, upon reaching the stall, I saw that the queue was very long.

Since it was the first day of school, I decided to just queue up and wait for my turn. Out of the blue, a boy came and simply cut my queue. I tried asking him to go to the back, but to no avail. He just stared blankly at me for a while then turned back to face the front. “What an inconsiderate brat!” I murmured under my breath as I tried to forget about it.

After a minute, which felt like an eternity, I could no longer hold it back. My face contorted with rage as I grabbed him by the collar and started to scold him. He was petrified, and his mouth fell open. Anger continued to build up in me and I could no longer take it! I threw him to the ground!

Everyone’s gaze fell on the boy and gasped. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Soon after, chaos broke out. Murmurs and whispers could be heard all around as everyone dispersed. “Darrel Ang! Stop it!” The principal bellowed with his arms akimbo. Some other students helped the boy to the sick bay while I was sent to the principal’s office. I was abashed as I apologised to the boy. From then on, I had to attend counseling on a daily basis. I decided to turn over a new leaf and be nice to people around me! I would never cut any queue or bully ever again.

Daenah Ng
Primary 4 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

A Pickpocket
“What a hot day,” I moaned while wiping off the sweat from my face. It was a scorching afternoon and the sun shone brilliantly from the sky, roasting everything in its path. I was trudging down the dull-coloured pavement while carrying my heavy school bag. It weighed like a ton of bricks. I decided to take the MRT instead of walking home. When I reached the MRT station, it was packed like sardines. After what seemed like forever, the MRT finally arrived. I squeezed my way through the crowd into the MRT. Unfortunately, there were no seats available so I had to make do by standing.

All of a sudden, I noticed a suspicious-looking figure wearing a huge overcoat glancing around furtively. After making sure that nobody was looking, he stuffed his hand into a man’s pocket and took out a wallet. I was astonished at what I saw. There were wads of cash in it. His eyes glittered with tears of joy. He was delighted with his loot. “Next stop, Bishan,” announced the intercom. Once the doors of the MRT opened, he scooted off. “Thief! Thief! Someone stole my wallet!” The owner of the wallet screamed while desperately trying to look for his wallet.

Grabbing him, I rushed out an explanation. The both of us gave chase. “Thief, stop, thief, stop!” we yelled at the top of our lungs. A few men passing by heard our desperate cries for help and they too gave chase. The pickpocket was as stealthy as a ninja as he managed to hide from us. Everyone knew that they were fighting a losing fight. Just them, I heard a rustle behind the bushes. ‘It could not be the wind as it’s not breezy’ I thought. I motioned to the people to follow me quietly and we crept behind the bushes. We saw a man hiding and I knew that he the pickpocket. He was a bundle of nerves and struggled and pleaded for mercy. One of the men immediately called the neighbourhood police.

Twenty minutes later, wailing sirens of the police car reverberated through the air. The police arrived and handcuffed him. The owner of the wallet retrieved his wallet. He praised me while giving me a hug. “Thank you boy!” “I was just doing my job,” I replied, rejecting his offer while pushing his hand away. I hummed a merry tune while skipping back home. I had done a good deed that day and justice was served. It was indeed an indelible memory for me.

Tan Rui Zhe
Primary 4 (2015)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

A Pickpocket
A loud peal of thunder woke me up as rain pitter-pattered across the roof. I ambled out of the room with sleepy eyes. My mother called out for me and requested me to go to the supermarket to buy some groceries. My face lit up with a grin like a Cheshire cat as I had always loved trips to the supermarket.

After washing up, I headed down to the supermarket. The supermarket was packed like sardines. Firstly, I went down the groceries section and bought some vegetables and fruits. Next, I went to the poultry section and bought some fresh chicken, duck and goose meat. Lastly, I went to the titbits section, which was my favourite one and grabbed some of my favourite potato chips and crunchy nuts.

Walking towards the cashier, I caught the eye of a suspicious man with dark sunglasses and a black mask. He took several furtive glances as though he was waiting for the right time to strike. Sensing that something was amiss, I decided to observe his every move. Little did I know the trouble that was about to unfold the very next minute. As he was walking towards the cashier, he fished out a credit card that was sticking out of an old lady’s handbag. My jaw dropped upon seeking what had happened. As quick as lightning, he tried to dash out of the supermarket. “Thief! Thief!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Everyone jolted to attention. The security guard noticed the man was trying to escape. He immediately caught hold of the man and snatched the credit card back from him and returned it to the old lady. She thanked the security guard profusely. Thankfully, a shopper had also noticed this earlier and dialed the police. Minutes later, the police arrived at the scene. They handcuffed him and dragged him back to the police station. He hung his head in shame and he was full of remorse.

At that juncture, everybody heaved a sigh of relief. The old lady thanked me for being so brave. She even offered me a ten-dollar note in appreciation but I rejected it, The old lady also learnt a heavy lesson not to leave her things sticking out of her handbag and be more aware of her own belongings. After this incident, I dashed back home and told my mother about what had happened. She grinned from ear to ear and she embraced me in her arms, “You are so brave! I am so proud of you!” Hearing my mother’s words, tears cascaded down my cheeks, I was on cloud nine as I had done a good deed and I hope that the pickpocket will learnt a lesson not to steal again.

Celest Neo
Primary 4 (2015)