Primary 5

Primary Creative Writing

Primary 5

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

My Worst Fear Coming True
I used to have a fear. But a year ago, my worst nightmare actually came true. My greatest fear was losing my parents. I could never imagine life without my pillars of strength. However, it was part of Fate’s plans that my parents got into a traffic accident and left. Memories of that fateful day still remain deeply and vividly entrenched in my mind…

I was having an English lesson in school. Suddenly, a teacher came into my classroom and instructed me to come with her. I was taken aback and wondered if it was because I had won a medal or prize. Curiosity got the better of me as I followed her. I asked, “Excuse me, but where are we going?” The teacher just smiled reassuringly and led me on. Utterly bewildered, I could not do anything but simply follow.

The teacher led me to the General Office, where a familiar figure appeared. “Aunty Liu! Aunty Liu, Why am I here?” I questioned. Aunty Liu’s face was ashen white and her eyes were sore and red. At that moment, Aunty Liu explained the grave news. Caught off guard, I stood rooted to the ground with my mouth agape. I was in disbelief and could hardly believe my ears. My parents had gotten into an accident and were brought to the hospital!

My eyes shot above my hairline and all blood drained from my face. This could not be! If was a lie! A million thoughts raced through my mind. I pleaded Aunty Liu to tell me the truth. I was convinced it was a prank. However, her news still remained unchanged. As she gazed at me with a straight face, tears brimmed in my years threatening to fall.

Aunty Liu and I drove to the hospital, where we waited outside my parents’ operation theatre. Suddenly, the door burst open. A doctor, in a pristine uniform had come to relay news about my parents. Both Aunty Liu and I sat up. Listening with bated breaths, we muttered silent prayers. The doctor whispered solemnly, “Please be prepared. We have operated on them and did all that we could but are sorry to say that they did not make it.” Instantly, Aunty Liu and I broke down into uncontrollable sobs.

Aunty Liu and I entered the room slowly and came face to face with two people lying on a white bed. Their face and lips were white and as dry as crust. Devastated, Aunty Liu rushed towards them as tears careened down her cheeks. More and more bouts of tears cascaded down my pale cheeks, as I thought, “What will happen now? I have no parents, what am I going to do? Why does Fate have to be so cruel!”

Overwhelmed with emotions, I struggled to grapple with the harsh reality that was the now motionless vessels I knew to be my parents.

The next few days were the worst days of my life. Crowds and crowds of relatives attended the funeral. Many sobbed uncontrollably as they paid their final respects solemnly. As the undertakers carried the wooden coffins of my parents’ bodies, I could not help but feel a twinge of regret. I should have respected them. I should have listened to them more. I should have scored better marks in my examination to make them happy…

That day, I learnt to always cherish the time we have with our loved ones, and not take it for granted. I vowed to live my days as though they were my last.

Brendan Tan
Primary 5 (2017), Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

My Worst Fear Coming True
As I cast occasional glances at my unconscious father, a fresh bout of tears cascaded down my face. The frail and weak body of my father filled me with remorse. My mind swirled back to the day a fear I had that came true…

“Tom, hurry up if you want to come to the park with us!” My father yelled from the lift lobby of our house as he motioned for me to hurry up. It was a balmy Saturday morning and my parents and I were planning to go to the park that was a stone’s throw away from my house. In response, I quickened my pace.

As quick as lightning, my parents and I were at the traffic light junction, waiting to cross the road while I held my favourite ball in my hands.

“Why is the traffic light taking so long?” I wondered as I waited impatiently. I was getting bored and I decided to bounce the ball by the side of the road. Upon seeing that, my father shouted telling me that I should not bounce the ball when at a traffic junction like this. My mother shot me a stern look in my direction. Nevertheless, I continued bouncing the ball, a mischievous smile plastered across my face. I grinned from ear to ear, taunting my father. Little did I know what petrifying thing would happen next..

I gingerly bounced the ball with a single hand as I waited for the traffic light to turn green. Unexpectedly, the ball slipped from my ginger grasp and roved away from me – right onto the busy road! We all stared, not knowing what to do as the ball rolled further away, missing every moving vehicle on the road. My mouth fell agape – I could not let this happen! This was my favourite ball and I could not lose it! Instantaneously, I attempted to dart towards the ball. “Do not go after it!” Mother hollered as she tried to pull me back. Despite her desperate pleas, it was too late. I have already broken loose from her grasp and was racing towards the ball, only to be held back by the tug of a burly arm.

I immediately looked up to see my father’s worried face in the midst of a sea of cars. Within a split second, Father pushed me away from the traffic light junction. My eyebrows knitted into the deepest frown. What was happening? Just then, I turned around, just to see Father’s body disappearing under a cacophony of car horn noises and a sea of cars..

Mother froze in horror at the sight, and she fell to her knees in shock. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I internalized the horrific scene that flashed before me. Many passers-by whipped out their phones, punching in numbers while fixating their eyes on a figure that laid on the road. Fresh blood oozed from Father’s frail and white body. After what seemed like an eternity, the wailing sirens of an ambulance could be heard. I opened my now swollen eyes to see Father’s lifeless body being taken away in a vehicle I disliked to see..

The hospital room was so quiet. The only sound heard, came from father’s heart monitor. In the corner of the room, Mother was weeping silently. A stab of guilt engulfed me, as I knew I was the cause of Father’s accident. If not for me, Father would not have been lying here. He would not even by injured! Despite that, I was still holding on to a glimmer of hope – the hope of a miracle for Father to regain strength and survive. What a simple trip to the park turned out to be a terrible fear I had that came true, and I was the cause of it.

Joy Tay
Primary 5 (2017), Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

Our Worst Fears
As I stared down at my father lying unconscious on the hospital bed, I knew I would never forgive the man that had done this. My mother was weeping uncontrollably, holding her hands in his, muttering to herself. Her eyes were bloodshot and terribly swollen. An air of melancholy surrounded her. Our family’s worst fear had come true…

It was a regular Sunday afternoon like any other Sundays and my father had brought my family to the new shopping mall that had just opened. Exuberance bubbled within me at the thought of exploring the place. As I stepped inside, a cold blast if air greeted me. It was a sea of gastronomical delights! There were restaurants were all around us and my stomach grumbled as I inhaled the aroma of all the scrumptious food. I was dying to have lunch but my father insisted on buying the assessment books from the bookshop first. Upon hearing his words, I groaned and reluctantly followed him to the bookstore.

While on our way there, my father needed to use the restroom. Just then, I noticed that a man with a cap in front of us was acting suspiciously and had a menacing smile. My father backed away fearfully. People were crowding around to catch a glimpse of what was happening. Some people went to call the security guard while others were in shock. My mother was on the sidelines witnessing what was happening, her face as white as a sheet.

Suddenly, the man lunged at my father. At that moment, he pierced the knife into my father’s stomach and snatched my father’s wallet. I let out an ear-piercing shriek and rushed towards my father. Audible gasps of horror rose from the crowd. The robber tried to get away but was stopped by the burly security guards.

Crimson red blood was oozing out from my father’s stomach. My mother let out a cry and whipped out her phone. With trembling fingers, she dialed for the police and ambulance.

In a few minutes, the ambulance arrived. The robber was handed over to the police and my father was whisked to the hospital. I stood beside him for the whole journey, praying that everything would be all right. Tears welled up in my eyes as I tried to convince myself.

Once we reached the hospital, my father was sent for immediate treatment. Tears stung my eyes and my heart palpitated wildly in my chest.

Soon after, the doctor told my mother and I the devastating news. We went inside the room and knelt by his bed. Why did this happen? Bandages were plastered over his stomach and he lay motionless on the bed. A fresh bout of tears cascaded down my mother’s face. The heart rate monitor became quiet and we sat in silence. I kissed my father on the cheek for the last time. Our family’s worst fears had come true. My father had died.

Gregory Tan Jie Hui
Primary 5 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

Our Family’s Worst Fears Coming True
“Bee… Bee… Bee!” A cacophony of alarms created by the ambulance reverberated throughout the accident scene. Voldemort and his brother, Morfin cast occasional glances at their unconscious father on a stretcher. Never in Voldemort’s worst nightmares could he have imagined that his father would be involved in a hit-and-run accident. His mother leaned on one of the corners of the ambulance, gazing at their severely injured father, tears cascading down her cheeks. Voldemort closed his eyes and memories of what had happened just minutes ago flooded back into his mind.

Father, Voldemort, Morfin and Mother were sauntering across the road, on their way to their regular Sunday afternoon movie. As they were crossing the road, Voldemort got too exuberant thinking about the movie that he broke out of Father’s grasp and darted towards the other end of the zebra crossing. At that critical juncture, a huge blue truck sped at top speed towards the zebra crossing. From afar, Father could spot the driver playing his phone. Time stood still in that moment. Voldemort was too stunned to make a move. He closed his eyes and the next thing he knew was there was a loud boom and Father lay unconscious on the rough tar road. Father’s breath slowed as the pool of crimson red blood around him continued to grow. Voldemort, Morfin and Mother gawked in wide-eyed alarm and their eyes opened wide as saucers. Shock robbed them of speech and they were immobilised with fear. The motorist in the truck immediately broke into cold sweat and his hands turned clammy. Petrified and in an attempt to save his own skin, the motorist sped away.

“Voldemort! Voldemort!” Mother’s and Morfin’s voice shook Voldemort out of his reverie. The walls were plain white and there were nurses pushing trays of silver equipment into the hospital ward. Tension could be felt in every breath the family took. After what seemed like an eternity, a surgeon briskly strode out from the operation room and whispered, “I am sorry to inform you that the nurses and I tried our best but…”

Voldemort could not believe what he had just heard. His eyes brimmed with tears as he immediately bolted like lightning with Morfin and Mother towards the operating theatre. Their worst fears had come true. The first thing he heard was an ear piercing beep from the pulse-taking machine. Then, he spotted his father lying motionlessly. A fresh bout of tears cascaded down his face. His mother broke into an uncontrollable wail. Morfin tried to be tough and held back his tears.

Voldemort then crumbled to his knees for the sorrow was too much to bear. He hoped that the motorist would be caught and be rightfully dealt with. It took many months for his mother to recover from the tragedy. His family became closer than ever. Voldemort vowed to be more vigilant in the future so that he will never have to face the same fate as his father.

Peh Peng Zheng
Primary 5 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

A Mistake
The dilapidated MRT station was dark with cobwebs hung in every corner. The only light that permeates the place was a dim light that hung from the centre of the ceiling. “You ready to do this?” Sam asked as a mischievous grin spread across his face. “I am always ready!” John answered as he held up a silver pair of pliers. Together, they cut down the fence that led to the restricted area inside the train station. The mischievous duo smirked as they bolted through the fence.

The two brothers were latchkey youths who always created trouble wherever they went. Due to their parents’ long work hours, they hardly saw their parents. Without anybody to supervise them, they became more and more rebellious and mischievous over the years.

When the duo arrived at the corner, they reached for their spray paints. Grabbing their cans, they started spraying the walls. They painted all types of gruesome images. By and by, they finished their “artwork”. They stepped back to admire the “artwork” and nodded in satisfaction. From the corner of Sam’s eyes, he spotted a bunch of old rickety bicycles. They dashed towards it like clockwork. John opened up his tool bag and took out some flammable oil and a matchstick. Sam doused the bicycles with oil and John lit up a matchstick. With a smirk on his face, John threw down the matchstick and slowly retreated backwards. Within seconds, the small spark turned into a raging inferno that engulfed the bicycles. Slowly, a smile of satisfaction spread across their faces. They then fled into the darkness. Little did they know that they had been watched the entire time. In a small dark deserted corner, a surveillance camera was positioned discreetly.

They could not escape the long arms of law and were sentenced to a week in jail. From this experience, the brothers learned from their mistake and vowed never to do this ever again.

Keegan Gan
Primary 5 (2015)