For many students, the last three months before the final ‘O’ Level examinations can be distressing and filled with numerous hair-pulling moments. Where should you focus your revision on? How should you strategise for one of the monumental battles of your life?

As your trusted specialist mentors in English language, we know that you will need to prioritise your attention during this crucial period of time. Our intensive 5-week ‘O’ Level Crash Course is specially designed to target and revise important segments of the English Language (Express) paper. Select a course that best suits your needs, whether it is in writing only, comprehension only, or in both writing and comprehension.

Complimentary student materials

  • Model essays carefully curated by Write Edge students
  • Individualised and comprehensive Prelim exam analysis

Together with each student, our seasoned English Specialist teachers will strategise key areas to work on for their revision. Enter the exam hall armed with confidence, an array of tools and tricks up your sleeves!

Course 1: Writing Strategies Uncovered

Covers all the Paper 1 essay types (Situational Writing, Personal Recount, Descriptive, Discursive, Argumentative). You will be taught systematic writing strategies that will boost your essays. After each writing practice, you will receive targetted and personalised feedback that will set your writing apart to the Cambridge examiners.

Students will learn to:

  • Use persuasive techniques in Situational Writing
  • Use current affairs to develop effective P-E-E-Ls
  • Develop persuasive rebuttals for Argumentative essays
  • Craft mature reflections for Personal Recounts

Course fee: $400

Course 2: Mastering Comprehension

Covers comprehension analytical skills to score in Paper 2 (Visual Text, Narrative Text, Non-narrative Text). Learn our dedicated method to analyse question patterns, answering techniques and nifty strategies to tackle challenging comprehension and visual text questions.

Students will learn to:

  • Analyse texts effectively using active reading skills
  • Form accurate inferences using a step-by-step strategy
  • Grasp accurate answering techniques to skilfully fulfil tricky comprehension question types
  • Rephrase summary points efficiently

Course fee: $400

Course Venues and Timings

  • 81A Brighton Crescent
  • Dates: 27 Aug – 24 Sep, every Tuesday
  • Course 1 | Writing Strategies Uncovered: 5pm – 7pm

    Course 2 | Mastering Comprehension: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

  • Lorong Ah Soo, Blk 134
  • Dates: 31 Aug – 28 Sep, every Saturday
  • Course 1 | Writing Strategies Uncovered: 5pm – 7pm

    Course 2 | Mastering Comprehension: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

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