• The Write Corner Unveils New Brand Identity

In light of the changing and ever-competitive education sector, we have re-evaluated our centre’s beliefs, teaching philosophy and pedagogy.

Our core passions have always been to:

• Help students build strong foundations in the English Language and Writing

• Empower students to achieve academic excellence

• Make the mastery of English and Writing easy

To better represent who we are, The Write Corner is now Write Edge.

A new logo was created using the brand attributes – positive, encouraging, warm and bookish – that our WE’s staff embodies and our learning environment exudes.

The double intertwined pencils is a symbolic reference for our teachers working hand-in-hand with the students and parents, to achieve their learning goals and give them an edge.

We want to thank all our parents, students and partners for being part of The Write Corner’s journey for the past 4.5 years!

As we head into a new chapter with Write Edge, our most important mission continues to be providing the best English and Writing classes to our parents and students.

Why are we changing our name?

1. To better represent who we are as Singapore’s English and Writing Specialist.

From a homegrown enrichment centre with only 12 students, we have grown to 4 branches and have taught over 1000 students. We believe that the fresh look of this brand, colours and messaging can clearly convey the value Write Edge can bring to you and your children.

2. To stay current & forward-looking.

We constantly evolve to stay relevant to the best practices and latest curriculum. This rebranding will also better help us communicate our programmes and methodologies with greater clarity.

Management of The Write Corner
English and Writing Specialist for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary