How WELearn Works

Sign up for WELearn with our friendly Centre Manager. An account for your child and the password will be sent to you separately. You DO NOT need to create your own account.

Log in to the WELearn Portal. Use the email address you have registered with and the password that was provided to you.

This is an additional portal for revision and quizzes. The bulk of the content will be covered in the weekly Zoom lessons.

Weekly materials, instructions, videos and quizzes are provided in each lesson to guide your child closely. Hardcopy of the worksheets will be mailed to your residential address.

Prepare some writing materials, place your child away from all distractions and start the lesson! For Writing lessons, students are to complete their Draft 1 and submit it on the portal.

For writing assignments, teachers will mark the Draft 1 in detail, leave comments and feedback for the students.

  • P1-P4:
  • 3 – 4 days after Draft 1 is submitted
  • P5 – P6
  • Marked on the spot during the lesson on Google Classroom

Students can complete revision and quizzes on the WELearn Portal after the Zoom Lesson. Submit any homework or Draft 2 on the Google Classroom thereafter.

WELearn Instructions