Weekly Online Lessons

What is the weekly process like?

  • Students will be attending ZOOM lessons during their regular class timing.
  • Any homework or Draft 1s are to be submitted by end of lesson day and the marked script will be returned after 3 days via email.
  • For writing assignments, once Draft 1 is returned, students can work on their Draft 2s.
  • Draft 2s will be due before the follow week’s lesson, and returned in 2 weeks via email. 
  • Any late submissions will be returned by the teacher within 4 weeks. 
Zoom Lessons

Where do I find the link to login to my Zoom lessons?

  • A Zoom link with password would be sent to the parents via WhatsApp.
  • You will then be prompted to open your Zoom app to join the session.
  • You can use the same Zoom link for your child’s lesson every week.

How are the Zoom lessons conducted?

  1. In line with our 6-8:1 promise, our teachers will be conducting live Zoom lessons during your child’s regular class timing.
  2. What the Zoom sessions will cover:
    • Content for the week’s lesson, supported by quizzes and additional materials on the WELearn portal
    • Detailed Explanations of Content
    • Prompt guidance through the lesson content
    • Q & A

What do I need to do before my Zoom lessons?

  • The lesson’s worksheets, writing paper and stationeries.
  • If you do not have the hardcopy worksheets, do ensure that your child has the soft copy for his/her reference during the lesson.

What if my child cannot make it for his/her usual slot? Can I arrange for a replacement class?

  • You may contact your centre managers for replacement class options.
  • Replacement class can only be done within the same week.

The Zoom lesson is over. What do I do next?

  • Students are to complete any work assignment / Draft 1 and submit it on Google Classroom (See: How To – Submissions of Draft 1s).
  • Students can also access the WELearn portal for quizzes and revision during the week.

Can I book a 1-1 zoom slot instead?

  • No. At this moment, 1-1 slots are not available.
  • Lessons will be conducted during your child’s regular class timings.
Deadlines for Draft 1 and Draft 2 Submission (Creative Writing Class)

What is the protocol for Draft 1 and Draft 2 Submission?

(1) Submission of Draft 1 – by end of lesson day.

  • E.g. Class is on Monday, 730pm- 930pm. Draft 1 has to be submitted by 2359hrs the same day.
  • Draft 1 will be marked and returned 3 days later.
  • For late submissions, it will be returned within 4 weeks.

(2) Submission of Draft 2 – before the start of next lesson.

  • E.g. Submitted Draft 1 on 3 Jan. Teacher marks and returns on 6 Jan.
  • Draft 2 is to be submitted by 9 Jan as next lesson is on 10 Jan.
  • Draft 2 will be marked and returned in 2 weeks.