WELearn Portal Account Set Up

When I try to log in, I received an error message saying “Invalid email or password”.

Do ensure that you are using the same email address that you submitted to us on the Google Form.
The password given to you is case-sensitive. Please make sure that you typed in the password given to you accurately and ensure that you capitalised the correct letters.

I cannot remember the email that I submitted when I opted in for Write Edge’s WELearn programme. Can I sign up for a new account on WELearn Portal on my own using another email address?

Please do NOT create a new account on your own. We will enroll you into your specific classes using the email that you have provided us on our end. Should you create your own account, you will not be able to access your assigned classes.
If you are still unable to log in, please contact the WELearn hotline at 8683 5527 and we will retrieve your account for you.

Can I click on the “Forgot Password” button to reset the password to my account?

Yes, you may change the password to your WELearn Portal account. However, do note that once you do so, our WELearn helpdesk will not be able to retrieve your password for you if you forget it in the future. You will have to reset the password on your own.

I have been enrolled in the wrong courses. What do I do?

Please contact us on our WELearn hotline 8683 5527 or email us at [email protected] and we will rectify this error as soon as possible.

Why are some of the lessons blank?

Lessons for the following weeks cannot be accessed until they have been launched. Lessons will be launched every Sunday at 5pm. You will be able to access to the lesson’s materials and activities then.

WELearn Portal

Do I download the application?
No. We are unable to troubleshoot any technical issues with regards to the app at the moment.

My child has gone through the videos and assignments but they do not appear to be completed. What should I do to resolve this?
For each segment, please click on “Complete and Continue” on the top right hand corner of the page to ensure that the segment has been logged as completed once the video has been watched or quiz has been attempted.

When should my child complete his/her Draft 1 by?
1. Complete Draft 1 after the Zoom lessons

Deadlines for Homework Submission:
Draft 1: 1 day after your lesson (11:59 PM the next day)
Draft 2: Before the next lesson (E.g. Lesson 2’s draft 2 must be submitted before Lesson 3)

2. Submit Draft 1 through the weekly lesson on Google Classroom (See: How To – Submissions of Draft 1s)

When should my child start doing his/her Draft 2s?
Once you have received your child’s marked Draft 1 from the Gmail account, he/she can work on the Draft 2. (See: How To – WELearn Portal > Deadlines for Homework Submission)

How do I submit Draft 2s?
Submit Draft 2 through the weekly lesson on Google Classroom (See: How To – Submissions of Draft 2s)

How do I collect the marked Drafts?
Your child’s marked Draft 1 and Draft 2 will be emailed directly to the Gmail account you provided. Once you have received the marked Draft 1, please download it and your child can begin writing Draft 2 following the edits. Once Draft 2 is complete, please submit it via Google Classroom (See: How To – Submissions of Draft 2s).

Weekly Online Lessons

What is the weekly process like?

  • Students will be attending ZOOM lessons during their regular class timing.
  • After the ZOOM lessons, your child may login to the WELearn Portal for quizzes and revisions.
  • Any homework or Draft 1s are to be submitted by end of lesson day and the marked script will be returned after 3 days via email.
  • For writing assignments, once Draft 1 is returned, students can work on their Draft 2s.
  • Draft 2s will be due before the follow week’s lesson, and returned in 2 weeks via email. 
  • Any late submissions will be returned by the teacher within 4 weeks. 
Zoom Lessons

Where do I find the link to login to my Zoom lessons?

  • A Zoom link with password would be sent to the parents via WhatsApp.
  • You will then be prompted to open your Zoom app to join the session.
  • You can use the same Zoom link for your child’s lesson every week.

How are the Zoom lessons conducted?

  1. In line with our 6-8:1 promise, our teachers will be conducting live Zoom lessons during your child’s regular class timing.
  2. What the Zoom sessions will cover:
    • Content for the week’s lesson, supported by quizzes and additional materials on the WELearn portal
    • Detailed Explanations of Content
    • Prompt guidance through the lesson content
    • Q & A

What do I need to do before my Zoom lessons?

  • The lesson’s worksheets, writing paper and stationeries.
  • If you do not have the hardcopy worksheets, do ensure that your child has the soft copy for his/her reference during the lesson.

What if my child cannot make it for his/her usual slot? Can I arrange for a replacement class?

  • You may contact your centre managers for replacement class options.
  • Replacement class can only be done within the same week.

The Zoom lesson is over. What do I do next?

  • Students are to complete any work assignment / Draft 1 and submit it on Google Classroom (See: How To – Submissions of Draft 1s).
  • Students can also access the WELearn portal for quizzes and revision during the week.

Can I book a 1-1 zoom slot instead?

  • No. At this moment, 1-1 slots are not available.
  • Lessons will be conducted during your child’s regular class timings.
Deadlines for Draft 1 and Draft 2 Submission (Creative Writing Class)

What is the protocol for Draft 1 and Draft 2 Submission?

(1) Submission of Draft 1 – by end of lesson day.

  • E.g. Class is on Monday, 730pm- 930pm. Draft 1 has to be submitted by 2359hrs the same day.
  • Draft 1 will be marked and returned 3 days later.
  • For late submissions, it will be returned within 4 weeks.

(2) Submission of Draft 2 – before the start of next lesson.

  • E.g. Submitted Draft 1 on 3 Jan. Teacher marks and returns on 6 Jan.
  • Draft 2 is to be submitted by 9 Jan as next lesson is on 10 Jan.
  • Draft 2 will be marked and returned in 2 weeks.


Is it okay if I sign up for the WELearn portal using another email address and not the one provided when I first registered my child with the centre)? 

  • Yes, absolutely. However, kindly note that we will need your help to connect your current email account to Google Classroom, which requires a gmail account. A short guide can be found here or you may request it from the WELearn team at 8683 5527.
  • It would be easier for you to enrol into the portal if you have a gmail.

It is a challenge trying to find a virtual classroom that is both user-friendly and secure. Amongst the services we have evaluated, Google Classroom is feature-packed with useful classroom features and relatively easy to use and complement our classes.

I do not have a gmail account.

Not a problem, here are your options.

a) You can create one and let the Centre Manager know.
b) You can furnish us with your preferred non-gmail account.

However, kindly note that we will need your help to connect your current email account to Google Classroom, which requires a gmail account. A short guide can be found here or you may request it from the WELearn team at 8683 5527.

Can I log into WELearn portal any time I want?

  • Yes. you can access WELearn portal at your own time once you have received the login details.
  • However, materials for the following week’s lessons will only be launched every Sunday at 5pm.