Why choose WELearn, Write Edge’s Online English and Writing Lessons?

At Write Edge, we promise to offer high-quality content, structured materials and unique teaching methods during our live online classes for children of all proficiencies and levels. To keep your child engaged, we have spared no effort to ensure that our programme is interactive and your child’s learning goals are met. Our dedicated Write Edge teachers will guide them through our curriculum, activities and quizzes.

These efforts have translated into results: 80% of students at Write Edge have scored an A / A* (AL1-4) for their PSLE English paper over the past 5 years.

But how do we do it? What does Write Edge have to offer?

Interactive sessions with our WE Teachers

Some students may find lessons, especially English, to be a tiresome subject. There’s no formula to crack, or a biological fact of life to be learnt – it’s a seemingly monotonous chore. Yet the truth is that it does not always have to be! Our passionate teachers do their utmost to keep lessons interesting and engaging for students. They transform English lessons into something that your children can, and will, look forward to. 

This is all done with our use of interactivity. At Write Edge, we believe education is not a one-sided monologue, but a two-way street, where student participation is a high  priority. We use all sorts of activities and games to encourage hands-on participation, activities which constantly change in order to keep things fresh and enjoyable for our students!   

Most of all, our teachers possess decades of extensive, combined teaching, curriculum and education management experience. We work very hard to help our students have the best experience at Write Edge. We take great pride in what we do and with our well-seasoned team at the helm, you can rest assured that your children will receive the best possible care we can offer!

Small Class Size

Write Edge is dedicated to maintaining a small class size of six to eight students per teacher, an optimal ratio to ensure that each student has sufficient individual attention and guidance from the teacher.  

Studies have shown that a lower student-teacher ratio results in significant gains in student achievements. Particularly for classes in early grades such as from P1 to P3. Small class sizes have shown to produce the greatest benefits by catering to individual needs and not just class ones.

 This is also proven in practice as well. Because of our small class sizes, our teachers are able to give students more one-to-one attention as well as individualised feedback to each student. This leads to better student engagement and subsequently, better academic performance. 

Not only do we provide careful attention to each student, attention is also spent on providing detailed marking. Compositions are marked in detail as per our regular lessons. After all, we understand that individualised feedback for our student’s work is important to help students learn and perform at their very best. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method in our teaching, each student is a unique individual and our teachers reflect this.

Well-Thought Out Methodology

At Write Edge, we break down big learning goals into bite-sized steps to make the mastery of English and Writing possible for all learners. Such a feat is accomplished by delivering structured lessons and curriculum.

There are many benefits of a structured curriculum! For one, we are able to deliver specific learning outcomes, and also encourage independence and retention. Our structured curriculum also significantly improves learning speed and improvement rate. This helps students at Write Edge build a strong foundation to succeed in the learning of the English Language.

All staff and specialists are involved in using this approach when it comes to curriculum design and classroom practice. This model allows our curriculum writers and teachers to be focused in delivering the Write Edge promise to our parents – to make the mastery of English and Writing possible for all learners.

Up-To-Date Curriculum

Our materials are reviewed on a yearly basis by our curriculum specialists to ensure that we incorporate the latest educational research and to keep our materials relevant to the latest MOE syllabus. We are not content to rest on our laurels, and constantly strive to offer materials which are most up to date for our students.

Oftentimes, this constant revision of our material also results in us preparing students for topics well in advance of the actual examination! For example, the 2018 PSLE topic, Teamwork, was covered in Write Edge’s lessons 3 weeks before PSLE. 

Additionally, yearly PSLE Prelim topics are done in our P5 and P6 writing lessons to gear them up for the actual test. Through repetition, our students are exposed to a wide array of PSLE composition topics, which helps them gain both confidence and skills.

Officially Endorsed By Reputable Partners

Apart from our numerous growing testimonials from our students, Write Edge is also backed by distinguished and reputable partners as well. In 2017, Write Edge embarked on a partnership with Singapore Press Holdings and The Straits Times to promote expository writing in Singapore.

The first collaboration – an expository writing workshop that was held at SPH’s premise – saw an overwhelming response with a full house of 80 students. The workshop garnered so much positive feedback from students and parents alike, that it led to the regular running of secondary programmes in an exclusive collaboration with SPH at the Bukit Timah Branch.

In summary, Write Edge is well-equipped to aid your child in the best way we can, from our veteran teachers and their engaging, updated materials, to our carefully crafted curriculum. 

Above all, we offer the promise of not only giving your child the skills they need, but also, the joy of learning English and creative writing.

If there is anything you may be still unsure of, do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we would be happy to clarify any questions or enquiries. We hope to see your child during our future lessons!

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