About Write Edge

How We Started

Write Edge was started with a passion to help every child awaken his or her creativity through language. To do that, a good language foundation has to be built for every student.

In 2014, starting out with a single aspect of the language, Creative Writing, we soon developed a niche and became quickly known as the creative writing teaching specialists.

Over the years, our team has grown in experience, size and finesse, allowing us to cater to a wider age group of students from Primary to Secondary levels. In doing so, we have had the honour to witness students grow in the milestones of English language journey.

Write Edge was previously known as The Write Corner (2014 – 2018)

Discover Our Programmes

At Write Edge, we make the mastery of English and Writing possible for our primary and secondary students in small class sizes of only 6 – 8 students.

Our top-notch curriculum and methodological teaching approach has also helped hundreds of students achieve their desired grades.

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Driven to make the mastery of English possible, our stellar curriculum team has developed an unrivalled methodology that has guided countless of students to build strong foundation in the English language and ace their school examinations.

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