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With decades of combined teaching, curriculum and education management experience, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm. We work very hard to help our students have the best experience at Write Edge and take great pride in what we do.

Our Teachers



Teacher, B.A. Anthropology (University of Toronto, 2013- 2017), M.A Sociology/ Anthropology (National University of Singapore, 2017- 2019)

Teacher Aarthi is constantly inspired by the power of the written word. She believes that the written word enables us to work through our struggles and express the joys and pains that we face in our everyday lives. She hopes to spur young students to discover their own relationship with creative writing and expression and essentially, guide them on their journey to find their own voice.

Most recently, Teacher Aarthi was working as a Sociology Tutor at NUS. She has previously taught English and Tamil as a volunteer tutor in Singapore and Toronto.

Abigail Tee

Abigail Tee
Teacher, Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore

The joy of learning begins with every teacher. Teacher Abigail believes in creating a conducive English-learning environment for every child to achieve and excel. She also wants to inculcate in every child an interest in the English language, believing that this interest will bring her students far in life and be a good foundation for all other subjects. When Teacher Abigail teaches English, she teaches English for life.

With a Bachelor degree in English Language from National University of Singapore, Teacher Abigail has been honing her teaching skills for at least 5 years. From one-to-one tuition, to teaching at Singapore’s leading enrichment centre, Teacher Abigail has amassed invaluable teaching experience with students as young as 6 to as old as 18.

Beyond teaching, Teacher Abigail writes curriculum that is featured in MOE-approved textbooks and for established education publishing houses. It is her firm belief that a structured and thematic curriculum is the backbone of every child’s acquisition of knowledge. In her classes, English comes to live.

Aileen Ng

Aileen Ng
Kindergarten Curriculum Specialist, Senior Teacher and Teacher Supervisor, Early Childhood Professional

Aileen specialises in Early Childhood Education and has over 7 years of teaching experience in the Early Childhood industry. In both 2011 and 2012, she received the Director’s Honor List Awards for her stellar academic performance in Early Childhood studies at Temasek Polytechnic.

She is skilled at designing educational materials for young children and creates a fun-filled, encouraging learning environment – one that promotes interest in learning as well as cultivates positive learning attitudes.

Aileen is highly motivated in empowering children to become independent and resilient learners. She also believes that every child’s creativity can be unleashed in a safe and open environment. In a classroom, every child can be the best that they want to be.

Christal Poon

Christal Poon
Teacher, BSc. Smart-City Management and Technology, Singapore Management University

As a dynamic individual, Teacher Christal aims to instil in her students a love for language through fun-filled lessons that spark curiosity and creativity. Her interest in the language coupled with her natural rapport with children grants her a deep sense of enjoyment and purpose with every class she takes. With her cheerful and encouraging personality, Teacher Christal creates an environment where students can express themselves in an articulate and effective way.

“Mastering English was taught to be the key of success,” she holds this belief close to her heart and hopes help her students gain mastery of the written word.

Clara Lai

Clara Lai
Teacher, B.A. (Hons) in English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

At a young age, Teacher Clara grew a penchant for reading fiction. This translated into her love for writing, and the English language.

After graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mass Communication, Teacher Clara honed her writing skills working as a journalist and as a research writer for television programmes.

Eventually, Teacher Clara’s interest in theatre and Singapore literature made her decide to pursue a degree in English Literature.

Teacher Clara believes that every student has the potential to express himself or herself in the English language proficiently. With dedication and a cheerful disposition, Teacher Clara hopes to equip her students with writing skills while making learning enjoyable.

Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan
Teacher, English Literature, University of London

Having helmed creative writing workshops, classes, and projects over the past 5 years in enrichment centres and other theatre companies, Teacher Daniel is no stranger to the power of creative writing.

He strives to equip every child with an understanding of the language that allows them to transcend rote application of skills and put their own personal stamp during their writing endeavours. Teacher Daniel makes the classroom come alive by being interactive and dynamic!

Dee (Dhurggah d/o Mathivanan)

Dee (Dhurggah d/o Mathivanan)
Teacher, Diploma, Mass Communications

From representing her school at the National Debate Championships, participating in a multitude of writing competitions and finally pursuing Mass Communication at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Teacher Dee has dabbled in anything and everything that the English Language has to offer.

She has been actively tutoring Primary and Secondary level students in English for the past 5 years. Armed with extensive teaching experience and a wicked sense of humour, her teaching philosophy is simple – she believes that she will be able to show students that they can conquer the English Language as long as they constantly think of out of the box!

Ella Chong

Ella Chong
Teacher, B.Soc.Sci (Hons), National University of Singapore

Teacher Ella hopes to cultivate in her students an interest in reading and writing from a young age. She has taught creative writing to primary school students and English to secondary and JC students for the past three years.

Her expertise lies in writing and research, and accordingly, she believes that good writing is clear and effective in bringing across the point. In class, she sets a serious but approachable tone and hopes to guide her students closely to achieve their personal goals.

Eri Kawamoto

Eri Kawamoto
Teacher, B.A. Arts, Psychology, University of Buffalo

Teacher Eri aims to give her students an enjoyable yet enriching class each time. She believes that every student deserves attention and guidance catered to their individual needs, and seeks to achieve a balance where students feel welcomed to class each week yet continue to be challenged for self-improvement.

With endless patience and encouragement, Teacher Eri strives to prove to her students that everyone has the ability to shine.

Erica Liaw

Erica Liaw
Teacher, B.A., Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore

Teacher Erica aims to awaken the wonder of creative expression in her students and strives to establish connection between the writers and their words.

Through her dedicated and patient guidance, she believes that every student will have the opportunity to discover their flair for writing in a supportive environment that encourages creativity.

In addition, her experience in tutoring primary school students motivates her to provide a conducive learning environment for the students to effectively communicate their ideas onto paper.

Esther Lim

Esther Lim Ting Fang

Teacher; M.A. (English Language and Linguistics), National University of Singapore; B.A. (Education), National Institute of Education

Teacher Esther believes that all children deserve a safe space to learn and play, and understands that every child grows at their own pace. With 6 years of experience teaching in primary school and conducting school-based reading remediation programme (RRP) for lower progress English Language learners, she adapts her lessons to provide learning opportunities for diverse learners.

For recreation, she actively engages herself in sports, music and arts, as she believes that such experiences develop one’s empathy, teamwork and adaptability. She hopes to encourage learners of all ages that it is never too late to improve as long as they persevere in nurturing their skills.

Fathin Nazhirah Nordin

Fathin Nazhirah Nordin

Teacher, B.A. (Hons) History, Nanyang Technological University

Having participated in both overseas and local volunteer projects that involve teaching young children, Teacher Fathin truly believes in the importance of guiding and imparting knowledge on to the younger generation. Prior to joining Write Edge, she has had experience as a private tutor for primary school students teaching a range of subjects, which has allowed her to be very adept at teaching one-to-one.

Through creative writing, Teacher Fathin hopes that she can inspire her students to develop a keen interest in reading and in cultivating their distinct writing styles. During her free time, Teacher Fathin enjoys travelling, museum hopping and documenting her travels through pictures and videos.

Gloria Paul

Gloria Paul
Teacher, Bachelor of Public Policy and Global Affairs, Nanyang Technological University

With a passion for literature and love for poetry, Teacher Gloria hopes to help each child craft a meaningful piece of writing in each lesson. To Teacher Gloria, a child’s imagination is unlimited and they should learn how to express themselves well in both the spoken and written language.

Teacher Gloria believes that each student can develop their own unique style of writing. If they are equipped with the right writing skills, they can grow to be fluent and ardent writers.

Hanis Rahmat

Hanis Rahmat
Teacher, B.A, English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

A patient and understanding individual; Teacher Hanis goes the extra mile to ensure that her students grasp the concepts taught in class. She takes pride in her teaching and strives to improve whenever the need arises.

Throughout her three years of experience in teaching and tutoring, Teacher Hanis has acquired immense love and great passion for them. She developed love for English Literature during her pre-University days, and is currently pursuing it as a major in University.

She has, to date, taught kindergarten, primary, as well and secondary school students!

Hanisa (Nurhanisa Bte Kunlimohamed)

Hanisa (Nurhanisa Bte Kunlimohamed)
Senior Teacher, BSc. Political Science & International Asian Studies, Singapore Management University

Teacher Hanisa has always been interested with words and how they convey worlds. She hopes to instill this sense of awe in her students, and to cultivate their imagination.

With more than three years of experience in the Creative writing teaching industry, she is confident that her students will benefit from her lessons. To her, creating an open, stimulating environment is key to nurturing curiosity and self-improvement.

It is her greatest joy witnessing the growth of her students into wonderful and passionate Writers.

Hidayat (Muhd Hidayatullah)

Hidayat (Muhd Hidayatullah)
Teacher, B.A. (Hons) in English Literature Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Hidayat believes that all children are unique and possess something special that they can bring to their own education. He believes that young learners are constantly inquisitive about the ever changing world. As such, he strives to foster an open mind, positive attitudes and enriching learning experiences each day in the classroom.

With a passion for communications and language, he aspires to instil the beauty of the English Language through creative writing. He hopes to transform his students into active and engaged learners who are able to express themselves eloquently while learning to embrace themselves as unique individuals.

Passionate and dedicated to all that he does, he has experience in teaching children with special needs and has also acquired qualification in teaching English for pre-school from the British Council.

Jaime Chng

Jaime Chng
Teacher, B.A., English Literature, National University of Singapore

Books will always be Jaime’s first love ever since she read her first novel as a young kid. As she grew older, this love manifested through her secondary and tertiary studies in English Literature where she has discovered that there is nothing better than sharing one’s passion for stories with others because it allows for the sharing of ideas and deepening perspectives.

Teacher Jaime has experience with teaching stints in secondary schools and as a private tutor.

She hopes to impart her own love for her teaching subjects in her students. In her classes at The Write Corner, Jaime aims to encourage curiosity and creativity as she believes that the writing process should be enjoyed and multidisciplinary. She would like to help each student unlock their own distinct and unique writing style.

Jacqueline Leong

Jacqueline Leong
Teacher, B.A. (Hons) in Sociology
Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Jacqueline has always enjoyed reading and writing as a hobby and as a form of self-expression. This interest in the English Language ignited a passion in her that fuelled her motivation to excel in the language. Her strong grasp of the English Language allows her to effectively and convincingly convey thoughts through text, which is a skill she wishes to impart to each of her students.

She is patient and understanding of every child’s needs and believes that each of them has the potential to express themselves flawlessly through writing. With sufficient encouragement, there is no doubt that any child will be able to excel in writing!

Jessica Swain

Jessica Swain
Teacher, L.L.B, Law, National University of Singapore

Raised on a healthy diet of poetry and prose, Teacher Jessica hopes to show her students how creative writing can change the way they experience the world.

She aims to build her students’ self-confidence by making sure they fully understand the techniques taught to them in class, and are able to apply them in the examinations.

Patient and approachable in nature, her ultimate goal is to help every student discover their own unique writing style, and she hopes to foster in them the grit and dedication needed to hone their craft.

Teacher Jessica has experience tutoring students of various levels in English.

Jessica Lim

Jessica Lim
Teacher, B.A, Applied Science (Speech Pathology), The University of Sydney

Teacher Jessica has a strong knowledge of foundational skills required for early development of the English language in children. She has worked with children of ages 4 to 9 in Australia for over three years.

Her lessons are engaging and adapted to suit each child’s needs. Jessica strives to empower each child to take ownership of his or her own learning. She employs strategies that the child can use for independent learning, encouraging the child to be a confident and self-reliant learner. She is also experienced in working with children with learning difficulties and disorders such as autism and ADHD.

Jevon Hoe

Jevon Hoe
Teacher, LL.B (Hons), Law, University of Exeter; MSc, Management, London School of Economics & Political Science

With a bubbly and engaging personality, Teacher Jevon believes that a love for the English language can be honed within every child through a culture of fun and curiosity. He firmly believes in the importance of building strong language skills to help students develop other critical skills in life such as effective communication and confidence.

Teacher Jevon also has a strong interest in international economics and global affairs. He believes that every child can develop a deeper understanding of the dynamic world around them by being challenged to think about issues from various perspectives. Through both writing and speaking, Teacher Jevon aims for his students to critically process information around them, and express their ideas with clarity of thought.

Apart from teaching, Teacher Jevon has work experience in law and private equity investments. In his spare time, Teacher Jevon enjoys experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and shooting film photography.

Joyeeta Nad Chowdhury

Joyeeta Nad Chowdhury
Teacher, B.A., English and B.Ed. Major in Education

Teacher Joyeeta is an experienced and qualified teacher who has taught in USA, Singapore and India. She is passionate about teaching English and possesses over ten years of experience as an educationalist. She enjoys nothing more than helping young aspiring students achieve their potential.

Teacher Joyeeta recognises that learners come from different backgrounds and learn in different ways. As such, she uses a range of techniques to help her students tap into their own variety of experiences to discover their own style as confident and competent writers.

Teacher Joyeeta has also recently embarked on her journey as a poet and short story writer and is eager to share her findings with her students.

Kendra Ho

Kendra Ho
Teacher, B.Eng, Materials Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore

Having cultivated a passion for literature and language since young, Teacher Kendra believes in the power of words to transform lives from the inside out. She has a wide range of experience amassed from various platforms such as writing and performing poetry, as well as participating in competitive journalism in national competitions such as the 2013 Media Challenge. She hopes to instil in her students the love for language through finding their own voice in their writing.

Outside of the classroom, Teacher Kendra has worked with children from the ages of 4 to 12. She understands that every student has different learning styles and is always thinking of ways to make lessons more engaging for her students. With a fun and approachable personality, she believes in the value of encouragement in helping her students improve.

Lena Loke

Lena Loke
Teacher, B.A, Communications with Political Science, Singapore University of Social Sciences

A fervent believer that the pen is mightier than the sword, Teacher Lena strives to translate this metonymic adage in her lessons one word at a time.

Gentle yet firm, she seeks to impart her love for the language onto her students, whom she believes, will be the writers of tomorrow.

Teacher Lena has taught at The Write Corner for two years.

Beyond the classroom, she has worked for a global public relations firm and is an aspiring journalist. During her free time, Teacher Lena enjoys reading about Southeast Asian history and politics, as well as backpacking and trekking around the region.

Liew Zheng Yi

Liew Zheng Yi
Teacher, B.A., Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

A diligent, meticulous and committed teacher at heart, Teacher Zhengyi strives to unleash the highest potential of every child by providing an inspiring and nurturing environment to learn and excel. As an individual who has a strong attachment to the humanities, literature and linguistics has always been a foundational aspect in his teaching career and life.

He aims to provide an avenue for students to challenge themselves to construct strong and meaningful plots. He believes that every child should have the opportunity to translate their innovative ideas into excellent writing in his class.

Lim Wan Han

Lim Wan Han
B.A (Hons) English Language and Linguistics, Lancaster University

Teacher Wanhan wishes to share with her students the detailed craft of the language in constructing a multitude of emotions – anticipation from a thriller novel or humour from an advertisement. She aims to guide students to appreciate the language by exercising their creativity and translating their ideas into their written words.

She has taught English to a wide variety of students that range from mainstream education, special needs education to foreign adults learners. She believes that every student has their personal optimal strategy in learning and she plans to work with them to find the best way.

Lim Zuo En

Lim Zuo En
Teacher, B.A. Psychological Science University of Wollongong, Australia

With an immense love for reading and writing, Teacher Zuo En believes that words have the power to touch hearts, unlock doors and transform worlds. She brings her quirks and wit to the classrooms, hoping to make learning an adventure for her students. Teacher Zuo En firmly believes that the love for language and learning extends beyond the four walls of a classroom, beyond grades and being exam-ready. She recognises that every student is unique in their own ways, and aspires to draw that out of them by encouraging them to develop their own voice through writing. By carrying a warm, fun and encouraging disposition along, Teacher Zuo En strives to build up independent and creative learners who are always curious about the world.

Teacher Zuo En has 5 years of experience in teaching, curriculum planning and has taught students ranging from aged 4 to 16. Her repertoire of experience from working with such a wide range of students has trained her to adapt to the different learning needs, and to vary in her communication of ideas according to the student’s learning style.

Melody Lau

Melody Lau
LL.B. (Hons), National University of Singapore; B.A. (Hons) Yale-NUS College Graduated with First Class Honours from NUS Law

Armed with a technical legal education and a love for literature, Melody seeks to impart in her students a deeper appreciation for the English language and a clear, critical mind. She believes that each student has a unique voice, and hopes to imbue in her students the skills and confidence to express themselves proficiently. Having taught and worked closely with children, Melody is experienced in cultivating a nurturing and dynamic environment where learning is fun, and progress never far away!

Michelle Goh

Michelle Goh
Teacher, B.A. (Education), English Language and Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University

A very approachable teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Teacher Michelle engages her students with interesting anecdotes and inspires them to be lifelong learners.

She was the discipline head with 8 years of teaching experience in a secondary school, and has been a tutor for more than 12 years.

Teacher Michelle believes that one should never stop learning, and is always actively seeking ways to improve herself. She leads a very active lifestyle, which helps her bring more energy and life into her lessons. She promises to make learning fun and enjoyable!

Nandy (Nandhini Tamilselvan)

Nandy (Nandhini Tamilselvam)
Teacher, B.A., Communication and English Language, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Teacher Nandy’s goal is to help children grow and excel further in their education while retaining their individuality and creativity. As an avid reader herself, she hopes to encourage young learners to experience and embrace the joy of reading so that they can cultivate good writing skills and a healthy imagination.

She has been teaching Phonics and English to ages ranging from 6 to 16. Having had experience teaching young children and some with learning disabilities, she embodies limitless patience in her classrooms.

Natalie Ng

Natalie Ng
Teacher, B.A. (Hons.), Yale-NUS

A passionate and creative individual, Teacher Natalie hopes to make every classroom a safe and fun environment for learning! Her exposure to the arts and mass communications in her academic years has cultivated her love for writing and the English language.

Teacher Natalie believes in the importance of having an excellent command of the language and hopes that every student will leave her class more confident and skillful as a writer and communicator.

In the classroom, Teacher Raag deems clarity and consistency to be the key to a conducive teaching environment. From creative writing to expository argumentation, Teacher Raag is committed to ensuring that every student achieves their fullest potential.

Nigel Lim

Nigel Lim
Teacher, B.A. (Hons) in English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Nigel has always marveled at the power of the English Language and how authors always manage to tug at the heartstrings of their readers with mere words on a page.

He believes that every child has an infinite amount of potential within them and aspires to help them unleash and ignite their penchants for writing.

With his cheerful demeanor and dedication, Teacher Nigel aims to make his lessons safe havens for his students to express themselves freely through writing and to transform them into competent writers over time.

Teacher Nigel has accrued experience in tutoring during his tenure as a teacher in an after school care for primary school students.

Nivi Prasad

Nivi Prasad
Senior Teacher, B.A. Arts, University of Buffalo

Teacher Nivi has always been intrigued by the way mere words can be strung together to evoke strong emotion and vivid imagination.

Her keen interest in the English Language has spurred her to be involved in writing for school campus publications, English theatre productions as well as Speech and Drama workshops.

With more than 3 years of teaching experience, Teacher Nivi continues to help children craft creative narratives. Her vision is to eventually bring students to view the art of writing with the same wonderment that she does.

Nur Farhana Abdul Halim

Nur Farhana Abdul Halim
Teacher, B.A. (Hons) in Sociology, Nanyang Technological University

As someone who encourages young persons to pursue their dreams and ideas, Teacher Farhana aims to take on a nurturing position when it comes to creative expression. Her previous experiences as a freelance language tutor, relief educator and research assistant has helped her to be adaptable in navigating the different learning styles and to tailor to each child’s learning needs.

Having taken a minor in Creative Writing and major in Sociology in provides exposure to a wide range of reading materials and writing styles. She aims to get her students to develop confidence and self-love in their writing capacities. She hopes to make writing a safe and happy space for them to be themselves.

Raag Sudha

Raag Sudha
Teacher, B.A. (Hons), Political Science and Philosophy, National University of Singapore

Having discovered the joy of reading and writing through reading in her childhood, English language and Literature is something Teacher Raag finds herself returning to over and over again through the years. Her fascination with teaching was kindled by the exceptionally talented educators that she had had privilege of being mentored by.

Having accumulated experience in both full-time teaching and private tutoring, Teacher Raag’s favorite moment with students is when something clicks and in a flash, they understand what is being taught, experiencing the eureka moment. Her passion for writing and communication drives her towards excellence with every student – she aspires to maximize each student’s potential and spark the same love for learning that has brought her thus far.

In the classroom, Teacher Raag deems clarity and consistency to be the key to a conducive teaching environment. From creative writing to expository argumentation, Teacher Raag is committed to ensuring that every student achieves their fullest potential.

Rachel Chan

Rachel Chan
Teacher, B.A., Political Science, National University of Singapore

In creative writing, teacher Rachel believes that a child is like an explorer in the woods, waiting to discover the beauty of English and unleash the wonders of creative writing.

Having taken English Language and Linguistics (ELL) in JC, she understands how to aid students to use the language to create not just a piece of writing but a vivid reading experience for their readers.

Her exuberant disposition and sociable nature make her likable amongst children. She hopes to aspire them to believe in themselves and that nothing is impossible for them, and to achieve writing unique stories that they are proud to call their own.

Rina Kawamoto

Rina Kawamoto
Senior Teacher, B.A English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

As an aspiring writer, Teacher Rina hopes to unlock the potential for creativity that is within every child.

She tailors her teaching method to suit the student as she believes that every child is unique. With endless patience and passion, Teacher Rina hopes to pass on her zest for the written word to her students.

She has been teaching at The Write Corner for over three years and has prior experience teaching at an after school care centre for primary school students.

Sally Tang

Sally Tang
Teacher, LL.B (Hons), Law, National University of Singapore

Teacher Sally believes not just in teaching students the language but to think beyond the examinations. She passionately subscribes to the view that language is a tool that can shape one’s understanding, values, experiences and worldview.

Teacher Sally has been in education for the past 8 years, both in the schools and as a private tutor. She challenges her secondary students to ponder, to ask and to question assumptions. She firmly believes that language must be practical and beyond the classroom; that words have nuances and meaning and must be responsibly wielded.

She hopes to mould and stretch students’ mental and emotional development and part of that involves cultivating a love of language and learning that goes beyond sitting through the examinations.

Safiyah (Siti Safiyah Bte Ridzwan)

Safiyah (Siti Safiyah Bte Ridzwan)
Teacher, B.A., Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore

An ardent and diverse reader, Teacher Safiyah hopes to impart her love and passion for reading and writing with the younger generation. She greatly relishes in the emotive power words carry and the vivid pictures they paint.

She strongly believes that every child has the potential to cultivate and nurture the ability to be a flourishing writer. She has a soft spot for children and loves working with their curious and engaging young minds.

She recognises that every child is unique and that each will traverse a different path towards honing their abilities.

Sean Tay

Sean Tay
Teacher, B. Arts, English Literature Nanyang Technological University

With a passion for reading and writing, Teacher Sean hopes to impart that same knowledge and interest to his students.

Believing that every student has an inherent ability to write waiting to be unleashed and developed, he strives to unlock the hidden potential within his students to allow them to excel.

He seeks to establish a nurturing environment with his cheerful and approachable disposition, where students will be brave enough to express their thoughts and creativity. Through patience and constant encouragement, Teacher Sean aims for his students to find joy in the process of writing a cohesive and logical piece of work.

Shafika Ghani

Shafika Ghani
Teacher, B.A, English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Shafika lives for the written word. She also loves children for their brilliant, imaginative minds. This has led to many experiences teaching English and Writing to primary school and secondary students both in private and public institutions. She juggles this with her own writing life and has a few published proses up to date. In 2015, she was mentored by local writer, Alfian Sa’at under Singapore’s National Arts Council.

She likes to believe that writing, like any form of art-making, needs detail, undivided attention and brave imagination. In the world of art and literature, there are no limits. She believes reading is arm-chair travelling and that every good writer is built upon some really great works.

She is not for the one-size-fits-all approach and will guide her students according to individual needs. Most of all, she hopes children will never lose their love for literature and always keep their belief in its magic.

Sinchita Sathish

Sinchita Sathish
Teacher, B.A., Sociology, National University of Singapore

Teacher Sinchita is an avid linguist who has always had a knack for languages. Coming from a multilingual background, Teacher Sinchita has always had a love for the English Language from a young age and hopes to impart that passion to her students. She sees a good command of the English Language to not only be a crucial element for school, but a lifelong skill. Teacher Sinchita has previously taught English as a private home tutor for over 4 years and is no stranger to bringing her students’ work come to life in their writing through honing their personal voice. In class, Teacher Sinchita sets a firm but fun environment for her students to enjoy watching the English Language come to life.

Suba Jeyabal

Suba Jeyabal

Teacher, BSc. Biomedical Genetics, University of Western Australia

It has been said that while knowledge is power, it is enthusiasm that pulls the switch. Fostering enthusiasm in the malleable minds of her young charges so that they may take charge of their own learning has always been the keystone of Teacher Suba’s principles in teaching.

Previously an educational therapist from the Dyslexia Association of Singapore, Teacher Suba has had over 10 years of teaching experience at various education institutes and has taught students from a wide range of age groups and with varied abilities. Teacher Suba believes firmly that there is no such thing as an impossible writing task; and that that when the objectives of said task is explained clearly and ample guidance is given, even the most disinterested of students gain the confidence and enthusiasm to cheerfully engage in writing.

It is her fervent desire to see each and every one of her students develop an infectious enthusiasm for penning down their thoughts and sharing them with the world.

Tabitha Sharon

Tabitha Sharon
Teacher, B.A. Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore.

Teacher Tabby is an aspiring writer and a devourer of books. She loves the beautiful and creative power of words and wishes to inspire her students to be bold and expressive in their story telling. As an enthusiastic and bubbly individual, Teacher Tabby enjoys nothing more than seeing her students fall in love with the English language and the written word like she did.

She believes that in every child lies a curious mind, which sets the stage for great ideas and stories to be crafted. Teacher Tabby seeks to establish a joyful environment where her students find pleasure in the process of writing. Her exposure to communications also inspires her to guide children to be great communicators.

When she is not teaching, Teacher Tabby can be found with a book in hand, accompanied by a cup of tea.

Tan Ming Hui

Tan Ming Hui
Teacher, B.A., Nursing, National University of Singapore

A teacher once opened the gates for Ming Hui to the intricacy of diction, enabling her to venture into a world where words held more meaning than she could ever imagine and thus, setting her forth to the expedition of creative writing. Similarly, she hopes to be able to bestow the same key to the eager hands of her students and open their eyes to the beauty of the written word.

Her passion for teaching was ignited when she first tutored her younger cousins and she has a year of experience in giving tuition to both primary and secondary students.

Tara Mama

Tara Mama
Teacher, B. Arts, English Literature National University of Singapore

With a deep respect for words and the power they hold, Teacher Tara places great importance on bringing forth that same respect in younger generations. Her vision is to equip her students with the skills to unapologetically express themselves, as well as their ideas. She hopes to make every learning experience constructive and fruitful so that her students will gradually be able to bring their understanding of the language to greater heights.

As an avid reader, Teacher Tara hopes to be able to inspire her students to read widely so as to let them understand that with words, the sky does not even begin to count as a limitation!

She has also previously had experience teaching and volunteering with young children, using her natural flair for the English language and her passion to extend a helping hand.

Teacher Development and Training

Nicolette Ng
M.Ed. English Language, National Institute of Education
B.A. (Hons.) English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

A dedicated, goal-driven and resourceful educator, Nicolette has over 8 years of experience in teaching English and Writing.  She believes in creating a safe and positive classroom learning environment and having clear, written-out learning goals for each student.

She began her career in education as a creative writing specialist teacher. Since then, she has developed the primary creative writing curriculum and designed teacher training and development workshops for Write Edge.  In 2019, she graduated from NIE with a Masters of Education in the English Language.

Her favourite teaching quote is, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

Ayesha Iskander
Teacher Development and Training Head, Secondary
B.A. Arts & Social Sciences, Singapore Management University

Kindle the fire and fan the flames of learning! Teacher Ayesha strongly subscribes to this personal adage as she strives to ignite the passion for the English Language in each student. Having worked with children in both Singapore and Poland, she has observed and experimented with various pedagogical styles of teaching literacy in pre-school to primary level institutions. Her experience includes helping children to discover English through rhymes, songs, activities and story sharing sessions.

With patience, infectious humour, and a great love for children, Teacher Ayesha hopes to help students unlock their infinite potential for story telling.

Elysia Ng
Teacher Development and Training Head, Primary
B.Soc.Sci. Psychology, National University of Singapore

As a strong believer in the potential of young minds, Teacher Elysia hopes to cultivate in every student the confidence to articulate their thoughts through their unique idiolect. She aims for every classroom experience to be fun, enriching, rewarding, and most importantly, beneficial to the student.

Teacher Elysia has amassed extensive teaching experience over a range of age groups in the past 6 years. She enjoys equally the challenge of helping a young student find joy producing a good composition, as well as exploring the various approaches to tackling a secondary or junior college level essay question.

Her enduring interest in developing individuals to their fullest potential is also exhibited in the successful development and implementation of our in-house teacher quality management system, teaching assessment tools and teacher training programs.

Dhaniah Raheem
Teacher Supervisor
B.Soc.Sci. Psychology, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire! Teacher Dhaniah believes that our dreams, passions and wishes can be expressed meaningfully through the power of language.

Through her 3 years experience as an English and Writing teacher, she has found joy in teaching students to learn and love the English language through the intricate processes of brainstorming, characterisation and placing tiny bits of their souls into their writing.

Dhaniah has worked with students in crafting imaginative and thoughtful stories. She is a dedicated and bubbly educator who delivers engaging and productive lessons!

Curriculum Specialists

Yee Suk Yi
Curriculum Lead, Secondary Senior Teacher
Applied Linguistics PgCert - Distance Learning (Currently studying for; expected graduation May 2020)
B.A. (Hons), Graphic Design, LASALLE College of the Arts

Teacher Suk Yi believes that all children can be inspired to write creatively given the right learning environment. Apart from being a designer, she has been writing for various online publications. She is also involved in giving voluntary English and Math tuition to primary school children. This has broadened her experience in working with children from different backgrounds, and she strongly believes that with patience and encouragement, all children can reach their fullest potential.

Teacher Suk Yi is also an avid reader and counts Jane Austen and Harper Lee as some of her favourite authors. In her free time, she loves to travel and pens her experiences down in her travel and food blog.

Farshad Ismail
Curriculum Lead, Primary Senior Teacher
B.A. English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

After first experiencing the joy of teaching while on several expedition projects in Thailand, Teacher Farshad has made it his personal goal to be a bridge to the next generation. A student every day, he has been a fond admirer of literature since his primary school days. Being a former media student, Teacher Farshad is also a freelance video editor and scriptwriter and has worked on several projects with companies such as National Library Board and Changi Airport Group to gain valuable insight into the art of storytelling.

An aspiring novelist, Teacher Farshad is also currently pursuing a Minor in Creative Writing and aims to instil an unbridled passion for writing in his students. Believing every student is different, he hopes to encourage curiosity and creativity while creating a positive environment for each and every single budding writer to succeed.

Brandon Goh
Curriculum, Secondary Teacher
B.A. English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

A teacher once struck a chord in Brandon’s heart that continues to resound today. With her eloquent, riveting tongue, every lesson was transformed into an adventure. She is a teacher par excellence who makes everyone desire to learn. That sparked Teacher Brandon’s love for teaching.

Teacher Brandon topped the cohort in English during secondary school, scored the dean’s list in university and graduated with a first-class honors degree in English literature. He has had 3 years of teaching experience with mainstream, foundational and special needs students.

He spares no effort to help students wield words confidently and perhaps even formidably. Therefore, from grammatical basics to the firmament of creative writing, it is Brandon’s aspiration to be as the morning sun to the blossoming lotus — to help each student be his or her best.

Joan Chong
Curriculum, Primary Teacher
B.A. Psychology (Cum Laude), University of Buffalo

With 11 years of tutoring experience under her belt, Teacher Joan believes in encouraging her students to be self-directed learners, to question and think critically about what they read and write.

From her many years of tutelage, she is familiar with primary, secondary, AEIS, O levels and iGCSE examination standards. Her students have since gone on to pursue studies in life sciences, accountancy, finance and engineering internationally.

She endeavours to equip her students with essential skills and sound values to prepare them for life’s challenges where they will be inspired to find the joy in overcoming obstacles through fun, relevant and interesting lessons.

Student Enrolment and Customer Service

Eileen Chin
Administration and Operations
B.A. Business, University of London

Chong Huiqin
Customer Service and Student Enrollment Lead
Centre Manager (Beauty World Branch)

Eileen Chin
Centre Manager (Blk 134 Lorong Ah Soo Branch)

Eryanah Abdullah
Centre Manager (Blk 142 Lorong Ah Soo Branch)

Belle Cheong
Centre Manager (Brighton Crescent Branch)

Quek Eelin
Customer Service Associate (Brighton Crescent Branch)

Lim Yi Xuan
Customer Service Associate (Brighton Crescent Branch)

Carissa Chin
Customer Service Associate (Blk 142 Lorong Ah Soo Branch)


Adeline Chin
Human Resource

Chua Huimin
Operations Strategy & Planning