WE Teaching And Learning Model

Teaching and Learning Model

Write Edge’s teaching and learning model is what guides our team in working towards the best learning outcomes for our children in the classroom.

The whole school is involved in using this approach when it comes to curriculum design and classroom practice. This model allows our curriculum writers and teachers to be focused on delivering Write Edge’s promise to our parents – to make the mastery of English and Writing possible for all learners.


Our Vision

To Be Singapore’s Leading English and Writing Enrichment Specialist


Our Mission

To foster confidence in learning English and Writing by nurturing and empowering one child at a time

Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Focus
  • Continued Improvement
  • Competency
  • Teachers Dispositions and Skills

    Teacher’s Dispositions And Skills

  • Belief That All Students Can Learn
  • Desire For Continuous Learning And Excellence
  • Pedagogical Skills
  • Expertise In English And Writing
  • WE Teaching And Learning Model

    Teaching Learning

    Teaching Methodology (The 3 Ps)

    Teaching Methodology

    There are many different language teaching approaches and methods used by different enrichment centres. As each child is unique, it is important for parents to find a centre or school whose curriculum and teachers are a good fit for them.

    Write Edge offers clear, methodological systems that help nurture children’s capacity to connect the dots. All lesson plans follow a similar “PPP model”:

    Presentation e.g. Teacher presents and demonstrates how to write a model composition

    Practice e.g. Students practise with teachers’ close guidance

    Production e.g. Students independently attempt writing exercise

    This consistent reiteration helps increase vocabulary retention and bridge the gap between learning the skills and applying them to the final task.

    Balancing Structure and Creativity

    Balancing Structure and Creativity

    Teachers at Write Edge are taught to find a balance between providing structure, procedures, skills, allowing creativity and flexibility.

    Structure, procedures and skills allow our students to have increased ‘retention,’ giving them the ability to remember the material at a later time.

    Creativity and flexibility allow our students to have the ability to ‘transfer’ what they have learnt to solve new problems and questions they have not encountered before.

    This model makes sure that weaker students have the structure they require and yet allow the stronger students to clarify information, engage deeper in more abstract concepts.

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