Primary Creative Writing

Primary Creative English Writing Class

In our most popular and highly-effective Primary Creative Writing Classes, we employ a dual-pronged approach of skills-based and thematic-based lessons as we prepare children for the Composition Writing component in Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Creative Writing Skills & New Vocabulary

Students are taught how to apply a consistent set of Creative Writing skills in their compositions. New vocabulary is introduced through different story topics each week.

Small Class Size Of 6-8 Students

Honing their writing skills in a small, conducive class size of 6-8 students will give students the space to fully develop their craft. Teachers are also able to give individual students close attention and guidance in their writing.

Students Progress

Students will be faced with more writing challenges as they progress to the next school level. They will thus be exposed to, and learn more complex skills like “foreshadowing” and “building suspense”.

As students progress up each level, we prepare them by introducing more skills progressively.

Composition Writing

Students complete a full composition in class every 1-2 weeks. Each student will receive detailed, written feedback at the end of each lesson. Our lessons are structured according to skills-based, guided writing, and independent writing classes.

Guided Writing Lessons

Together with our teachers, students will explore a comprehensive list of topics and themes found commonly in MOE School, Prelim, and PSLE are covered. They will also be exposed to model essays with captivating plots, whilst learning to apply them with relevant vocabulary across various topics.

Students are taught systematically how to craft a well-developed story.

  • Explore a comprehensive list of topics and themes
  • Exposure to model essays with captivating plots
  • Learn relevant vocabulary across various topics
  • Reinforcement of WE skills and plot elements throughout term
  • Vocabulary exercises assigned after each guided practice to encourage retention
  • Common MOE School, Prelim and PSLE topics covered

Independent Writing Lessons

Students will put what they have learnt to the test. They will come up with plot ideas for each topic independently with minimum help from their teachers or materials.

  • Students to attempt to use 1, 2, or 3 pictures as a focal point in the story
  • Students will have the chance to apply skills and vocabulary learnt independently to their writing.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring school practices for teachers to evaluate their learning progress
  • Mock Assessments are conducted for P1-P4 students in Term 2; P5 & P6 students in Term 2 and 3


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