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    What Parents and Students Say About Write Edge

Primary Creative Writing – How to make the best out of model compositions

One of the surefire ways to grasp effective writing skills to enliven stories is through model compositions. Each one of them is a treasure trove of information on story plots and structures as well as impactful vocabulary. Ironically, model compositions are double-edged tools. How so? On one hand, students become so reliant on them that […]

How to manage the transition from Primary 4 to Primary 5 English?

The transition from Primary 4 to Primary 5 can be very demanding in every way if students are unprepared. What does this transition involve? Piles of homework to tackle, longer school hours to soldier, and an abrupt plunge in grades. Additionally, there is the unstated expectation that Primary 5 students are well-prepared to take the last […]

3 Effective Online Learning Strategies for Children

With the chaos of the pandemic, children, parents, and educators alike have been forced to quickly adapt to online learning amidst the uncertainty. “Zoom”, “Google Classroom”, “Kahoot”, and other terms once unbeknownst to us have somehow become ubiquitous – woven into our daily lives. Seeing that online learning is here to stay, many parents may […]

How can I help my child be more confident in writing?

Ask any primary school student in Singapore, “What’s your least favourite part of English lessons?”, and chances are, they will tell you that they dislike creative writing. Many students dread writing, and it is one of the biggest challenges they face when it comes to composition examinations in school. In this article, we will share […]

How to Prepare for PSLE Oral Examination

“What’s there to study for oral?” “Isn’t it simply talking?” “How can I even prepare for it?” Do these questions come to mind when you hear the words ‘oral examination’? Fret not! There are indeed things you can practise and/or take note of – not only to ace the examination, but also to help you […]

4 Methods to End A Primary School English Composition

Have you ever enjoyed a book or movie, only to be disappointed by the lacklustre ending? A good story is incomplete without an outstanding ending. Let us review the ways to help your child avoid the pitfalls of a vapid conclusion in their primary school English compositions! End with a cliff-hanger A cliff-hanger is a […]

Why are Small Class Size Tuition Classes More Beneficial?

Is being ‘small’ considered a ‘big’ thing? Yes, especially if it involves English tuition! Small class size tuition or big class size tuition? Unerringly, parents choose the former over the latter whenever they are offered a choice between the two while enrolling their children. Why is it so?  English tuition complements a student’s classroom learning […]

3 Effective Writing Skills that will make Stories Come Alive!

What makes a story unforgettable and enthralling? What effective writing skills can help your child write a dynamic story that stands out from the rest? The best writers are able to paint a picture using their words. To help your child write captivating compositions, here are three pointers that they should be incorporating into their […]

Does reading model compositions help to improve composition writing?

Hot selling English books that fly off the shelves at bookstores are – guessed it right? – books of English Model Compositions! Dealing with a wide array of writing topics, these model compositions are packed with extensive impactful vocabulary, impressive sentence structures and creative story plots. Consequently, they are popular with students, especially primary school […]

In what ways do Primary and Secondary English Comprehension differ?

Parents often wonder if there is a steep learning curve between the study of Primary School English and Secondary School English. This is because they tend to worry about whether their kids would be able to cope with the transition between different stages, and would like to know if they need to send them to […]

How Does Writing Skills Play an Important Role in Children’s Communication?

Communication and writing-they are two sides of the same coin. Do you agree? Writing is penning down thoughts while communication is the ability to convey thoughts or ideas. Both are intricately linked since children are taught how to use words, language and speech with flair all through their schooling years, thus paving the way for […]

How Can You help Your Child Reap the Benefits of English Writing Classes?

Are you a parent who has dreams of seeing your offspring succeed in English writing? If so, you are not the only one! Since Singapore’s Primary English writing curriculum lays strong emphasis on writing skills, many parents harbour hopes and expectations that their children’s imagination which takes flight will be shaped and nurtured in English […]

5 Tips to Write an Impressive English Composition for Primary School

Improving your English composition may seem like a daunting or even impossible task. Unsure where or how to even begin? It is not as tough as you might think! Here are some quick tips on how to put together a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring composition. 5 Tips to Enhance Your Primary School English Composition: A Well-Structured, Well-Developed […]

Effective Ways to Improve Primary School Creative Writing with Writing Skills

What’s in a name? Is creative writing all about writing fantasy stories that take root from one’s imagination or thematic stories crafted with a strong logical structure? Surprisingly, both kinds of writing would constitute creative writing. In fact, creative writing is not just restricted to stories. Instead, it encompasses all kinds of writing genres, be […]

How Primary School Children Can Improve Their English Writing Skills

Writing is undeniably an integral part of our lives. Not only is mastering English vital in academics (i.e. acing examinations), it is a crucial building block for critical thinking and effective communication. Several studies even suggest that language potentially shapes the way we perceive space and time. However, helping children improve their writing can seem […]