Why Choose Us?


14 years of creative writing curriculum experience (following the latest MOE syllabus).


More than 7000 students taught and trained by us.

80+ TEAM

To Be Singapore’s Leading English and Writing Enrichment Specialist

75% AL1-4

75% of the students at Write Edge scored an AL1-4 for their PSLE English paper over past 5 years.

75% AL1-4

75% AL1-4 for PSLE over the past 5 years

Small Class Size

Write Edge is dedicated to maintaining a small class size of (8:1 student to teacher ratio), an optimal ratio that the team decided on to ensure that each student has sufficient individual attention and guidance from the teacher.

Because of our small class size , our teachers are able to give students:

  • More one-to-one attention
  • More individualised feedback to each student
  • Better student engagement
  • Better academic performance

Studies have shown that a lower student-teacher ratio results in significant gains in student achievements. Particularly for classes in the early grades (P1 – P3), small class sizes have shown to produce the greatest benefits.

Well-Thought Out Methodology

At Write Edge, we break down a big learning goal into bite-sized steps to make the mastery of English and Writing possible for all learners. We do that by delivering structured lessons and curriculum.

What are some benefits of a structured curriculum?

  • Deliver specific learning outcomes
  • Encourages practice and retention
  • Significant impact on learning speed and improvement rate

This helps students at Write Edge build a strong foundation to succeed in the learning of the English Language.

Up-To-Date Curriculum

Our materials are reviewed on a yearly basis by our curriculum specialists to ensure that we incorporate the latest educational research and to keep our materials relevant to the MOE latest syllabus.

Curriculum Updates:

  • 2018’s PSLE topic, Teamwork was covered in Write Edge’s lessons 3 weeks before PSLE
  • Yearly PSLE Prelim topics done in our P5 and P6 writing lessons
  • Active Reading as a framework for reading comprehension in our Secondary classes

Officially Endorsed By Reputable Partners

In 2017, Write Edge embarked on a partnership with Singapore Press Holdings and The Straits Times to promote expository writing in Singapore.

The first collaboration – an expository writing workshop that was held at SPH’s premise – saw an overwhelming response with a full house of 80 students. The workshop also garnered very positive feedback from students and parents. This led to the regular running of secondary programmes in an exclusive collaboration with SPH at the Bukit Timah Branch, slots were quickly filled with 50 students within the first month of enrolment, achieving a veritable track record.

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