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Our Core Values

Our Departments

Teacher Training and Development

The teacher training and development team is in charge of maintaining the high standards of teacher quality as well as providing expert opinion/strategies to maximise student learning and promote student progress. To do that, the team also has to communicate and work hand in hand with parents and centre managers to find the best solutions.

  • Teacher Training and Quality
  • Student Progress
  • Communication with stakeholders

Specialist Teaching

Teachers are the heart and soul of Write Edge. Our teachers work hard week in week out to deliver high-quality and personalised lessons to the students at Write Edge. We constantly work to improve ourselves as educators so our students can learn better.


The Curriculum Team is responsible for developing structured, comprehensible, high-quality material, activities and tools that help students learn better.  The team works closely with the teaching team to get regular feedback, to understand how teachers utilise the curriculum and to bridge the gap in education theory and practice.

Marketing and Branding

Our marketing and branding department ensures that all collaterals and materials that are distributed to our customers are in line with the Write Edge brand and communicates the value of the work we do at WE.

Human Resource

Our Human Resources department manages the compensation and benefits, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, organisation development and culture as the company grows. The department is crucial to help us find talents with the right fit and skills as we scale.

Operations and Strategy Planning

The Operations and Strategy Planning team drives Write Edge’s operations with an effective ops strategy, processes and optimises the use of resources, people, processes, and technology.

Customer Relations and Operations

The Customer Relations and Operations team work directly with our parents and students. They are responsible for running smooth operations at our branches and to deliver excellent customer service to meet the needs of our customers.

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