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    What Parents and Students Say About Write Edge

Primary Programmes

FAQs for Primary

The class helped my daughter gained confidence in writing and over the years her writing skills just built up. By the time she was in P6, I was actually quite impressed by the compositions that she writes. The class size is small, so I think the students gain from the greater level of attention.

Mrs TanParent of Tan Jan En, P6, AL2 for 2021 PSLE English

Write Edge equipped my girl with the skills needed for composition writing. My girl is able to write impressive compositions and creative ideas come naturally to her during exams. I attribute that to her weekly practices at Write Edge. During her 4 to 5 years there, all teachers were very pleasant, encouraging and knowledgeable to impart critical knowledge. My girl truly enjoyed her learning at Write Edge.

Madeline TanParent of Adele Hoe, P6, AL2 for 2021 PSLE English

Constant practice in creative writing has helped my boy to improve on his writing. The teachers at the centre were friendly and patient. They had taught him the skills on crafting stories with logical plot development, creating stories with engaging plot and descriptive depictions of characters’ emotions. They also taught him how to apply Show-not-Tell and 5 Senses skills in his writings.

DorisParent of Ethan Chia, P6, AL2 for 2021 PSLE English

Teacher Farshad is instrumental in injecting new confidence and renewed zeal in my children’s love for writing. They benefited greatly from the strong foundation that the Write Edge team had helped built using their unique but effective curriculum that was continuously fine-tuned over the years. Voted by family as most ‘value for money’ enrichment class despite its rates.

Charles NgParent of Ashley and Harry Ng, P6, AL1 for PSLE English

Throughout the 4 years with Write Edge, Ryan has improved tremendously in his writing skills. He scored an A* for PSLE and I believe his teachers at Write Edge contributed greatly to his success. With patience and dedication towards nurturing young writers, his teachers are always encouraging. Their trust in his ability to being a good writer spurred his interest and determination. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Teacher Christina whose teaching brought out the greatest potential in Ryan. Write Edge nurtures confident writers! Whenever anyone asks Ryan for his review of the centre, he would always tell them that Write Edge has the most passionate, engaging, caring and encouraging teachers he has ever met!

Mrs LayParent of Ryan Lay Sheng Yu, P6, A* for 2020 PSLE English

Teacher Eileen has been pivotal in restoring the confidence of Ashton in English after getting quite dismal grades during his mid year exams. By imbuing fun elements into the class, Ashton became enthusiastic and confident in his writing, leading him to do well in his PSLE. Kudos to Write Edge!

Mrs ChngParent of Ashton Chng, P6, A for 2020 PSLE English

The lessons exposed me to many different topics that stimulated my interest. I feel that the worksheets are also very well thought out, with tips and tricks detailed to assist my learning. The Teachers also helped me cultivate my answering techniques so as to use the practices provided in the worksheets to its fullest potential. I feel that classes are conducted well. The two hours each student spends in each class was well utilised to enlighten the student.

Elliot Aidan NgP6 Student, Catholic High School (Primary), A* for 2020 PSLE English

The small class size is critical, allowing the teachers to pay more attention to each student. Teachers are dedicated and patient in understanding my child, tailoring the curriculum and guiding her to use accurate and right techniques that will enable her to not only grasp the art of composition but also the language itself. The drafts have helped my child tremendously to re-evaluate how she could have written in a better way, and also improve on her grammar and vocabulary.

Mrs TanParent of Kylda Tan, P6, A* for 2020 PSLE English

Thank you very much, Teacher Joan. He really enjoys your class so much! The first time he came out of your lesson he told me for the first time in his life mummy I really like writing now the ideas just keep coming out. (Exact words) I was almost in tears! Although now lessons have shifted online he can still follow through with your lessons. And I am really glad to have found you. Thank you very much. Let’s work together and help Brendon to his fullest potential.

Mrs NgMother of Ng Jian Zhi Brendon (P3)

Thank you so much Teacher Joan for the detailed update about Ryan’s progress. ☺️ I am very happy to see his progress but more important for me is to see him enjoy the process of learning. He really enjoys himself and often when he describes his lesson, he is always beaming with joy. I am really thankful for your encouragement and patience in guiding Ryan. Thank you very much!

Mrs LimMother of Ryan Lim (P5)

Thanks for your detailed feedback on Daniel’s progress. We are equally pleased with the improvement in his writing. In fact, his English teacher commended him on his writing during Term 2 and read his composition paper to the class. He did rather well during his recent SA1 composition test. Thank you once again. 😊

Mrs EuMother of Daniel Eu (P4)

I think Write Edge did well in marking all the students’ homework and giving them detailed feedback on their work. The mock exam was also very helpful as they prepared students for their PSLE. Besides teaching me the different types of sentence structure, they have also helped me improve my vocabulary and writing skills.

Natalie Low Jia EnP6 Student, Lianhua Primary School, A* for 2020 PSLE English

The teachers gave good phrases to help improve Alexander’s vocabulary and they provided good structures for his composition which he did not know how to do prior to joining Write Edge. Write Edge was able to give good personal feedback on child’s performance.

Mrs ChanParent of Alexander Chan, P6, A for 2020 PSLE English

Write Edge’s curriculum has helped to improve Carolyn’s use of vocabulary and description in her compositions.

Mrs OhParent of Carolyn Oh, P6, A for 2020 PSLE English

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! Really appreciate your time and effort in helping Chien Ler. He scored 92/100 for the Prelim Exam and had done especially well for Paper 1. He attributed the great improvement to your teaching and guidance, despite the short span of time in your class thus far. He has benefitted tremendously from your lessons and my husband and I are so happy to have found the right tutor for him. We wish we had enrolled him in your class much earlier, though we didn’t realise he needed help until after his 2nd common test.

But we believe that with your dedication and Chien Ler’s willingness to work hard, he will be able to do well in the PSLE and not disappoint you.

Mrs GohParent of Chien Ler, P6

I would like to thank Teacher Christina. Ryan did well for his Prelims. He scored 35/40 and topped his class for English composition. This result is his highest so far. Hopefully, he can achieve even better results for PSLE. Ryan was beaming with pride to hear his teacher announce the top scorer in class for Eng composition.

Mrs LayParent of Ryan Lay, P6

Hong Teng has always enjoyed the lessons in Write Edge. Before Write Edge, she usually scored around mid 20s. Now that she’s in P5, her first Sa1 score was 30 and she finally got her highest ever score of 35 by SA2. Even she was surprised by this.

The materials from Write Edge is very well structured. What I like most is that the child is not required to memorise paragraphs by paragraphs.

Mdm Jessica LokeParent of Goh Hong Teng, P5

My child scored 10/20 for continuous writing in SA1 before he joined Write Edge but after slightly more than one term of lessons, he managed to score 14.5/20 for his SA2. My child’s vocabulary and story content has improved tremendously. With the guidance of his teacher, he had learnt the tips on how to write a good composition (eg plot planning, show-not-tell, onomatopoeia, setting descriptions etc) . I’m very thankful of all the help Write Edge had done so far for my child.

Mdm TanParent of Andre Isa, P3

Through this class and his teacher’s guidance, Nicolas has improved his creativity and was able to plan and developed a good plot. He is also able to incorporate Character Thoughts in his compositions. He has shown a lot of improvement ever since he attended Write Edge. The teachers are very encouraging and gave updates on a regular basis.

Mrs KwekParent of Nicolas Kwek, P6

By systematically working to improve Rachel’s overall strength, Teacher Dee helped drill Rachel to better structure her plots, and she has since gained confidence to produce good work more consistently. In her recent SA1, she even topped her cohort in composition writing!

Teacher Lena’s efforts close mentorship on Ashley and Harry started to bear fruits in the recent SA1 exams recently, with them scoring 17.5 and 16.5 respectively vs class averages of 13~14 out of 20.

Mr NgParent of Rachel (P6), Harry and Ashley (P4)

The curriculum is a step by step learning program and Joseph’s teacher is really patient with him, allowing him to learn at his pace. The class is small and his teacher is always very approachable. When I had provided a feedback to his teacher about Joseph‘s weakness in his conclusion, she is able to guide him more.

Mr Kenneth ChinParent of Joseph Chin, P3

Attending classes at Write Edge has helped Christian write better compositions and he was so happy when he got above 30 for his compo for his exams. Kudos to the teachers at Write Edge!

Mr YangParent of Christian Yang, P6

I believe the teaching methodology, small-class size, subject-strong teachers are the reasons why my child scored an A* at PSLE.

It pleasantly surprised all of us! And a special thank you to the teacher who has inspired, motivated and encouraged my son to love writing! Thank you!

Mrs ChuaParent of Chua Yi De, Matthew, P6, A* for 2018 PSLE English

Aarav has benefited tremendously from the classes. His compositions have been very descriptive with the usage of enormous vocabulary and non repetitive words making the compositions very enjoyable to read! Doing school compositions have been less stressful. We were very pleased to read Teacher Farshad’s feedback highlighting what Aarav needs to improve and at the same time complimenting him on what he is good at. This has boosted his morale.

Write Edge has done well in setting up a structured curriculum which helps students to build up their confidence in their writing and score well in the exams. Feedback by the teacher also helps to monitor their progress in class.

SameeraParent of Aarav Nath, P5

I would like to say that I’m impressed by the high standard set by Write Edge with regards to the recent Mock Test. Initially, I thought it was just a normal writing test. However, after seeing how serious my 3 children were in preparing for it and the kind of constructive feedback and detailed marking in Joy’s script, I’m convinced that I’ve put the 3 of them in the right place. My twins have grown more confident after attending Teacher Farshad’s lesson. Jonathan’s EL teacher from school writes that she looks forward to his writing. Joash was also very encouraged by Teacher Farshad’s positive feedback and aims to do well in the Mock Test. I’m really pleased to see that great change in the attitude towards writing as the 3 of them really dread writing last time. Great job to all the Teachers at Write Edge!

Mrs JiangParent of Joy Jiang (P2), Jonathan Jiang (P6) and Joash Jiang (P6)

We are pleasantly surprised and happy to see an A Star in his PSLE English. Having joined Write Edge since primary 3 and with the encouragement from the approachable teachers and Nicolette, he has blossomed over the years. His writing never fails to amaze me! Thanks once again Write Edge! You have made our dreams come true!

KayParent of Lucas Chee (P6), A* for 2018 PSLE English

Thank you for all your help to improve Lokesh’s compo marks drastically and rapidly. At first Lokesh’s compo would be very mundane to read but now it is very interesting. His English teacher had been very happy with his improvement. In class his teacher would usually give him 22-26 upon 40. But in the last compo before his PSLE he got 32. Usually he gets a B (rarely A grade) for his English but in PSLE he has gotten an A* for it and an aggregate score of 256.

JayanthyParent of Selvakumar Lokesh (P6), A* for 2018 PSLE English

Ziqin has picked up the habit of reading more regularly and took time to write more often. She even typed her journal on the plane to Hong Kong. Such improvements are significant. With 6 months to go, she should be able to enhance her abilities in her weaker areas. Thanks for the detailed report, appreciate your time and effort to relay to us.

Mrs YeoParent of Yeo Ziqin, P6

I would like to compliment Teacher Zhenhao for teaching Marvel in his P3 Writing. For the first time, his school published a compilation of students’ writing by the English and Mother Tongue Department and Marvel’s writing was published in the book. He’s so happy and proud of it. Thank you Teacher Zhenhao and Write Edge.

Parent of Marvel Marvel Ananda Ungul, P3

Isaac enjoys attending the weekly lessons very much, always looking forward to the fun and interactive classes. I would also like to thank Teacher Farshad for clearing any of my son’s doubts concerning the practice papers he has done so patiently. Overall, I think Write Edge has provided my son with great help and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Mrs ChewParent of Issac Chew, P6

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Write Edge for their excellent effort and well planned curriculum to help Hayden to become an independent writer! He has progressed greatly from a boy with a few words (7/15 – 46% before attending Write Edge) to a confident writer (15.5/20 – 77.5% in the last exam).

In school, his composition was even chosen to be read in class! Special thanks to Eileen for giving him a chance to be learn in Write Edge and all the kind advices and encouragement provided. And a BIG THANK YOU to all the dedicated teachers who have taught him!

Mrs AngParent of Hayden Ang, P4

Desiree started with Write Edge since P4 and she enjoys going there every week. She learns the various writing skills and has developed into a confident writer. She has also shown much improvement in her grades. Credit to the sound curriculum and the dedicated teachers who has made lessons interesting for her. Thank you very much.

Mrs LeeParent of Desiree Lee, P6

Aden has blossomed further with Teacher Farshad in his third year with Write Edge. Despite being soft-spoken , Teacher Farshad never fails to bring life to his class and Aden is constantly impressed with his wide knowledge and quick thinking. Teacher Farshad also gives timely encouragement that always manages to motivate Aden.

Thank you Teacher Farshad and the Write Edge team! Will continue to give support to this wonderful team!

SandyParent of Aden Tan, P6

Hong Jek has shown great improvement for preliminary PSLE creative writing.
He has improved from range of 27 – 28/40 to 34.5/40 in his recent preliminary PSLE creative writing.

I would like to give Ms Hanisa a big thanks as she is really passionate and give her whole heart to teach the kids . She even created a group chat for this class.

Thank you Write Edge and best wishes!

KellyParent of Teo Hong Jek, P6

It’s been almost 6 months since my 2 children have been with Write Edge. I am grateful to Teacher Eileen and Teacher Candice for being patient and always encouraging to my girl and boy who were in the P1 & P3 class for 2017. My girl has benefited the most since she started as she is now a very confident writer and she enjoys her lessons very much.

We are looking forward to another fruitful 2018 for their writing journey.

Thank you again Write Edge!

Magdalene KlineParent of Anastasia, P2 & Athanasius, P4

Benedict started at Write Edge a year ago when he was in P2. Since then, he has gotten a better grasp of the English Language and is able to express himself more articulately. We hope that he will continue to improve on his essay writing and enjoy expanding his knowledge with the help of Write Edge and its dedicated teachers.

Mrs ChenParent of Benedict Chen, P3

Dear Write Edge, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent coaching effort to transform Daniella into an independent, confident, and passionate writer! Your teaching approach and professionalism not only helped Daniella to improve her essay grades, more importantly pique her passion towards writing. All these were evident from her essay being chosen to be the model composition in class, always enthusiastically attending Write Edge lessons without absence and I have also seen high praises on Daniella’s work from her school teacher. I highly recommend Write Edge to all parents who want to help their kids excel in essay writing.


AdelineParent of Daniella Parise, P6

I would like to thank Write Edge. All my 3 kids go to them. My son, tends to have short attention span and the Teachers have been extremely patient. He has improved so much that he enjoys keeping a diary. My two girls have benefitted academically but most important, they look up to the Teachers there as good examples of dedication, perseverance and patience.

Mrs SiakParent of Nadya, P6 & Esther, P3 & Samuel, P2

A big thank you to Teacher Elysia for her hard work and dedication. Under her guidance and encouragement, Rachael has improved tremendously and is able to write confidently. From barely passing her composition previously to a scoring an A now.

Also my appreciation to Teacher Eileen for being a wonderful and patient teacher toward my younger girl who was with her since K2. We are really impressed that she is able to complete her composition independently without our help.

Mrs TanParent of Rachael Tan, P6 & Megan Tan, P1

Zane enjoys the interesting class and looks forward to her class every week! Many new words and phrases are being taught during class each week. Teacher Martin is also a responsible and diligent teacher who goes through the composition thoroughly. Never regretted joining!

Teo Woon SanParent of Zane Ang, P2

Wafeeq enjoys his lessons at Write Edge. He is a very keen student and I’m happy that Teacher Aileen is his teacher. Wafeeq only started writing and speaking English when he was 4 years old, as Malay was his dominant language. When he joined Write Edge, he wasn’t even able to write one paragraph. Now, he writes way longer and better! Thank you for everything that you have done for him, we really appreciate it. I hope he will continue to bloom as a writer.

SueParent of Wafeeq, P1

Write Edge has done a great job. I think he benefitted much!

Mrs ChiaParent of Joey Tay, P6

Dear Erica and Management of Write Edge, we would like to compliment Teacher Jessica for being a great teacher. Teacher Jessica is a responsible, dedicated and experienced teacher. Our eldest daughter, Reina Soh, enjoys her lessons very well and we are happy that she is learning well. We have seen marked improvements in her composition writing.

Mrs SohParent of Andrea Soh P1 & Reina Soh P3

Dear Teacher Berlin, Janelle started during the term 2 and I am really impressed after a few lessons and she is able to write with impressive phrases. After going through her writings in Write Edge these few terms, it surpassed all of my expectations. Thank you for guiding her and I appreciate your hard work and effort that you put in teaching her.

Mrs LimParent of Janelle Lim, P3

I am pleased to share that Joey has improved based on her prelims results for paper 1. She used to get 24-26/40 but now she is able to get 32/40. However, 2 marks were deducted due to spelling and punctuation mistakes. Overall it was good! I could see that her standard of writing was elevated. Thank you!

Mrs TayParent of Joey Tay, P6

Many Thanks to Write Edge’s management and team for the work. Big thank you for the utmost dedication of time, love for teaching and care in ensuring that the kids are getting the best out from each class. Well done to gem Teacher Lena for going the extra mile. I have great peace of mind knowing that my children are in good hands with Write Edge!

Mrs ChinParent of Derrick, P3 & Olivia, P4

Dear Teacher Maxine, thank you so much for teaching me these few months. My compositions are now the best in the class. Before I attended Write Edge, I used to get 19/40 for almost all my compositions. After I attended Write Edge, I got 31/40, and passed with flying colours! I was over the moon as I was 1st in class. Right here, I learnt many new phrases and show-not-tell methods. Now I also know how to apply those phrases and concepts to my compositions, making them more interesting. Of all the tuitions I have, Write Edge is the most exciting tuition I attended. The 1 hour and 30 minutes is always not enough. I really appreciate everything you have done.

Joelle ChanP6 Student

In the short 3 months that Han Xi is enrolled in Write Edge, we are surprised and pleased that his writing skill has improved tremendously. We didn’t expect that he is able to write a full composition at this age/level that included idioms, onomatopoeia expressions and other replacement words taught in Write Edge!

We attribute this improvement to the interesting, creative and fun curriculums that encourage the children to express their thoughts during lesson. Moreover, all the teachers in Write Edge have been genuinely amazing! Teacher Szeli has been constantly communicating with us about the development of our child. Such dedicated and patience displayed is priceless.

We are very thankful!

SophiaParent of Quek Han Xi, P2

If your child is not doing well in his or her composition writing, I would definitely recommend you to Write Edge. My son used to write without elaboration and his ideas were not organised. Write Edge’s comprehensive and structured approach had equipped my son with the right skills to express his thoughts and penned them down on paper. Thank you Write Edge!

Ferine ChuaParent of Javier Lim, P4

After attending Write Edge, both Peng Zheng and Wen Yan have made improvements in their writing skill and bank of vocabulary. Thank you Teacher Nivi (P5) and Teacher Berlin (P3) for the guidance!

Mrs PehParent of Wen Yan, P3 & Peng Zheng, P5

Noelle showed a remarkable improvement in her writing. She improved from 22/40 to 31/40 for the last paper/compo in the last few months. She accumulated a rich library of phrases that she can use effectively for her own composition. Her love for writing grew as she attended Write Edge classes. Thank you for your patience and passion for teaching the girls.

Sherlin LeeParent of Noelle Lee, P6

Composition is one of the most difficult topics to teach. I am amazed at how the teacher at Write Edge is coaching my daughter in this area. For example, students are asked to memorise word bank. Teacher is very patient to guide students to build the storyline with new vocabulary. My daughter enjoys the classes and she is learning new things which the school is not teaching. Her composition is improving steadily as time goes by.

Jez HowParent of Chia Jia En, P5

Kyleigh has made great improvement in her writing skill after she attended lessons at Write Edge. Thankful to Teacher Nicolette for her guidance and encouragement.

Mrs Wendy NgParent of Kyleigh Ng, P6

Andrea has improved in her English writing grades in school and she is always looking forward to the lesson. She is trained to write a composition each lesson, hence this helps her to overcome her difficulty to start/attempt a composition.

EvonneParent of Andrea Lee, P3

Thank you so much for making lessons so enjoyable for them!

May YeeParent of Jovial, P6 & Jedediah, P3

My son, Javier is from P3 Sun 1130am class. He has improved tremendously and scored 15/20. He started attending the class since end of March. It has been a month and he has grown to be a more confident boy in his writing now. Thank you to his teacher and Write Edge.

Mrs AngParent of Javier Ang, P3

I would like to thank the teacher for her dedication and patience. She is very caring and will give feedback about my girl’s strength and weaknesses. She also allocates extra time to make sure my girl completes her work before she leaves. No words can describe my appreciation for all your efforts, excellent attitude and patience towards your students. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Mrs OngParent of Claudia Ong, P6

Thumbs up for the lessons conducted for Creative Writing. We never expected that Aron could write so well. My husband and I both agree that Aron has improved alot!

EmilyParent of Aron Cheong, P4

My son took his PSLE two years ago, in 2012. I am very grateful to his English tutor, she guided my son in his preparation, especially with his Oral. As he is shy, he speaks in a rather mono tone. She taught him to read and pronounce very fluently. I was pretty impressed when I heard the recording. She is also very passionate about teaching and helped my son overcome his hurdle in composition writing with certain techniques. My son obtained an A for his PSLE English examination, so did two of my nieces, the following year.

MarianneParent of Kenneth, P6

My P2 daughter joined Write Edge since mid-Aug 2014. I find the teacher very passionate and encouraging when she teaches the children. My daughter enjoys going for her weekly lesson and her writing has improved a lot. She has learnt to use more idioms and descriptive words in her composition.

Wee LengParent of Charlotte Yong, P2

Thank you for teaching my girls all these years. They grew confident with the language under Teacher Nicolette’s guidance.

Li ChengParent of Clarissa, P6 & Sophie, Sec 1

I enjoy as we get to joke around for a while and talk. I get to learn new skills and phrases to improve my composition. My composition marks has improved and I am happy with it.

Bryan ThenP4 Student

Both my sons, Noel and Nathanael are taught by Teacher Nicolette and Teacher Eileen respectively since last year.
Both teachers are patient and friendly. My kids enjoy and look forward to their classes.

Knowing that Noel was weak in grammar, the teachers focused on that before moving on to writing. Noel improved in his English Test.

Nathanael has learning difficulties and he has been attending classes 4 times a week since last year. Teacher Eileen is very patient and carefully guides him. He has improved tremendously. From only recognizing A to Z, he can now recognize words.

The teachers will feedback to me on their progress when the class end. They are like friends and big sisters to them. Thumbs up for them!

MartinaParent of Nathanael, K2 & Noel, P2

My classes are fun, the place is nice and comfortable. I get to write stories and learn more words through the Word Bank.

Esther SiakP1 Student

My husband and I are very pleased with what Nicklaus wrote in his school composition. The teachers have taught him well!

LenaParent of Nicklaus Goh, P4

Amira has improved and learnt skills from Write Edge since she joined in Primary 1. The curriculum and worksheets are straightforward and has covered everything that she needs in her writing.

Mdm MaslindaParent of Amira Syahirah, P4

Dear Teacher Joan,

Thank you for helping me in my studies as you pulled up my results to 16/20. You are the kind of teacher that shines like a star, lighting up the way to show that we can be better than we are!

AerilynPri 4 Student

Thank you for teaching me lots of new words, story starters, idioms, ways to start a sentence and many more. Thank you for helping me in my work.

Victoria YowPri 4 Student

I am taught how to apply creative writing skills such as Show-Not-Tell in my compositions at Write Edge. My English and writing has since improved and I find writing more enjoyable now.

Darius TohPri 5 Student

My English and writing has improved since attending classes at Write Edge. I have learnt how to write paragraphs and my favourite part of the classes is writing together with my classmates.

Giselle HanPri 1 Student

Secondary Programmes

FAQs for Primary

My son benefited a great deal from the teachers at Write Edge. He always spoke positively about the notes and the way English is taught there. He enjoys the lessons so much so that he had expressed a wish to continue with lessons in General Paper at Write Edge!

AudreyParent of Yoshimura Isaac Akitaka, S4

I just received my Mid-Year Examination results and to my amazement, I have improved from a borderline passing grade, sometimes even a failing one, to a B3 in my English! I knew that it was mostly Write Edge that had helped me achieve this. I just love how Write Edge doesn’t just throw us a pile of homework like most other tuition classes would (not saying they don’t, I receive quite an amount of homework every week too), but the practice papers are carefully chosen to cater to improve the noticed weaknesses of students.

They have been observant in identifying what many students are weaker in, creatively thought of solutions to help us, and then written said solutions out onto paper for us. Now, whenever I have an English test to study for, I can just read the notes that they have given us, remember the techniques to answer the different types of questions and then I’m good to go. I’m looking forward to improving that B3 to a distinction grade in my upcoming examinations!

Chloe KohSec 2 student, Nan Chiau

Teacher Sukyi took the time to guide Jolene to overcome her weak areas. The support shown by the teachers and management during the COVID-19 Circuit breaker period was much appreciated. Excellent notes, structured curriculum and dedicated teachers.

Mrs TanParent of Jolene Tan, S4

Finally! Exam is over and the results are out. I am very pleased with Jia En’s final year English result. Her grade jumped from U to B!

Jia En started with Write Edge since her primary school. After PSLE, she continued with WE on her secondary school journey. In the mid-year exam, we were shocked that she received a U grade for English. We were concerned but we were not worried. We have full faith and confidence that WE teachers will work out a way to help Jia En to improve.

Indeed, the teacher in charge at WE was very fast to customise some parts of their teaching to match Jia En’s learning ability. Although some parts of the lesson are customised, her teacher continue to stay close to the standard curriculum. By doing so, it helps Jia En to build confidence and enthusiasm in English. This also motivates her to do as well as her peers.

Thank you teacher for the patience, time and effort you have put in to support Jia En during her transition period from Primary to Secondary school.

JessicaParent of Chia Jia En, Sec 1

I have been attending Write Edge for the past four years. What I have learnt in the lessons here have been useful for me not only in examinations but I am also able to use these language and writing skills into my daily life. From writing heartfelt letters to teachers to writing proposals for my school, I have done them easily by referring to the notes given to me.

Qin HuiSec 3 student

I have learnt to apply the techniques taught at Write Edge to improve the areas I am weak at and I am more confident in my writing now. I especially enjoy the VR experience as it makes the class more interesting.

Wayne LeeSec 1 student

The teachers at Write Edge have taught me techniques to improve my writing style and I love to discuss articles with the teacher during class.

Sarah TeoSec 3 student

WELearn, Online Lessons

FAQs for Primary

Miley truly enjoys the weekly online lessons by Write Edge. She feels empowered by the descriptive writing skills to churn out more engaging stories! (Basically she enjoys showing off her essays.) Pretty amazing when Miley started using phrases like ‘eyes lit up with enthusiasm’, ‘sweltering sun’, ‘gritted my teeth’ in her essay writing and I figured this is the ‘cheat code’  Miley needs in order to write better!

Write Edge offers guided composition lessons with useful phrases that kids can learn, as well as provision of logical essay structure and sentence structure! Miley explained there is a ‘mountain’ structure in composition writing leading up to climax before conclusion. She was also given time to do independent writing, which means storyline is all original and not guided.

From a parent’s POV, I feel it’s most important that the kid has interest in enrichment classes. They will naturally be self-motivated and be able to absorb better. Unless you’re born with an innate ability, I truly think that only by working hard on improving writing can make you better at it. Oh and of course a good teacher makes all the difference. Thank you Teacher Shalini for your patience and making class interesting for Miley.

I’ll recommend Write Edge to any kiddos who need help in writing, it will be a confidence booster as much as academic support!

Ripple SimParent of Miley Soo, P3

I’d like to take this chance to thank Teacher Eileen for arranging the online lessons using Zoom for my son, Kai Lok, during this difficult period. I appreciate her patience and flexibility during this period.

Teacher Eileen is not only knowledgeable in writing but also dedicated towards helping him to improve. Even through Zoom, appropriate and constructive feedback was given to him to improve after every composition marked.

Besides that, Teacher Eileen always keeps the Zoom lesson interactive by asking him for inputs. Overall, he enjoyed the lessons very much because of Teacher Eileen’s encouragement and passion in teaching.

I really appreciate all the effort she puts into every lesson and especially her constant feedback on his progress.

NicoleMother of Kai Lok (P6)

The Write Edge Zoom sessions for Andre and Antonio are helpful as they are interactive, close attention is given to my children and there is little distraction. The illustrations on screen are also clear. This is helpful for my children to learn and to ensure that they do not miss anything.

CynthiaMother of Andre (P4) and Antonio (P5)

My son has been taking Primary English Enrichment lessons with Teacher Nicolette online due to the lockdown imposed by the Singapore government. I am glad to have Teacher Nicolette tutoring my son because she is a very patient teacher.

Having a keen eye for details, she pays great attention to my son’s weaknesses and works with him to correct his mistakes. I am pleased to see an improvement in my son’s academic performance.

My son’s teacher at Write Edge is willing to go the extra mile to help my son even after the class timings and remains accessible for any questions he might have. As such, I strongly recommend Write Edge to anyone who looking for an effective tuition centre.

Alice LeeParent of P6 Student, Ea Quan Zhou

Signed up my child for lessons with the ST Promo and was surprised my child is always happy to see the colourful worksheet and enthusiastically waiting for lesson to start with Teacher Christina. She will be happily drafting her composition even when lesson ends at 9pm and do not want to rest till she completes it.

I would like to give a thumbs up to Teacher Christina specifically. She makes sure that every student listens attentively and does not disrupt the class by giving verbal warning to any student who tries to misbehave. I really appreciate her gesture as we all know how precious time is given that lessons are being held online now.

Parent of Student from P6 Tue 7pm Class (BC)

I want to compliment Teacher Christina and Teacher Farshad for the way they talked to the kids. I find that they know that kids can be easily distracted during online learning like disappearing from the screen and not paying attention but they were able to bring the child’s focus back. Thank you very much.

Mrs NeoParent of Neo Wei Shan, P6

Just received the worksheets in the post. Thank you very much for this nice gesture. None of other tuition centres does this. It is very thoughtful to include a writing pad too. We have just started the journey with you and we hope to continue on.

Parent of P4 Student

Teacher Suk Yi was very patient with us and always sought to find the best way to engage and help us. The platform where Write Edge teaches on is easy and convenient to use.

StudentSec 4, Fri 430pm Class

I like it that I can have the lesson in comfort of my home. It was engaging. Thank you Teacher Nicolette for being patient, clarifying our doubts and for the Kahoot game!

StudentSec 4, Sun 11am Class

The teacher was engaging during the lesson and made sure everyone was participative. Thank you for letting us have a fun and engaging lesson.

Natalie SoongSec 4 Student, Sun 11am Class

It was interactive. Everyone actively participated. Thank you for always stopping to ask the students questions to make sure that we are on the right track!

StudentSec 4, Sun 11am Class

I don’t have to spend time travelling to the tuition centre and yet the lessons were as educative as lessons conducted in classrooms. Thank you.

StudentSec 4, Sat 11am Class

Thank you for putting in effort for this session! I feel more confident I can do better now! 🙂

Zebina TockStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thanks for teaching us the right techniques. Kudos to you for being such a good trainer!

Aillish LimStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you for teaching us how to write an A* PSLE composition, I’ll be using what I learned today in the future!

Yong LingStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you Teacher Nicolette for teaching me the compo techniques i have not heard before! Now you have boosted my confidence for my compo this PSLE!

Summer ChongStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you so much for helping me through! This will make a big change in my score for compo.

TimothyStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you Teacher Nicolette for helping me improve in my composition. I promise to use these tips to ace my exams!

Sarah FrancisStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

The session today is extremely useful. The session was clear, structured and informative along with methodology and examples. This is the first time I attended the session and I’m glad that it was worth the time.

Rebekah SeragihStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass


FAQs for Primary

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend Write Edge Learning Centre. Singapore Press Holdings has worked with Write Edge for the past 3 years on various holiday programmes held at our premise. Write Edge has shown consistency, responsibility and the drive to conduct successful workshops. Write Edge has consistently achieved positive results and I am confident of the services they provide.

Sharon LimSenior Manager, English / Malay / Tamil Media Group, Singapore Press Holdings

My daughter Grace Yoh (Sec 3) attended the O level English Essentials on Mastering Comprehension, on Sat 7:30 pm at Blk 134 from Aug till Sep.

She just reviewed her examination script yesterday. She obtained 37 marks out of 50 marks for comprehension. It was her best score so far, having failed this for her Weighted Assessment. The highest score in class was 39. She said that the techniques taught helped her. I am grateful to the centre for organising such a course to help students attain mastery. If time permits, I would have enrolled her for the Composition Course as well but it required extra time on her at that time.  Please convey my thanks to the teacher teaching the class and also to the teacher I spoke to at the Centre who shared with me about the curriculum from the Centre. I cannot recall her name.

JeanParent of Grace Yoh

It gives us tips on how to make a better composition. Thank you for helping me improve and make my compo more engaging.

Kirsten YongStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Primary Writing)

It is very engaging and the coach makes a concerned effort to make sure that we understand the topics learnt. You are a very engaging teacher and make sure that we can remember all that is taught. Happy teacher’s day! =)

Claris SiaStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Primary Writing)

It was fun and interesting. I learned many things during this course. Thank you for going through so many helpful things for our English.

Khern YihStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Primary Paper 2)

The notes and methods were very useful and the activities were fun. Thank you for your notes and tips for us. Thank you for your patience as well! 🙂

KaylynStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Primary Paper 2)

The materials given are very detailed and well-elaborated. Thank you for teaching us with clear explanations and also using very good language and vocabulary. I have learnt many things from your lesson 🙂

RuthStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Sec Writing)

It is very engaging and useful for O levels. Thank you teacher for being so sincere and giving us feedback for our writing! I will certainly value this experience and use the tips and tricks you have taught us today.

Shi TingStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Sec Writing)

I liked how the 14 comprehension question types were summarised and explained to us. Thank you! I was able to greatly understand the comprehension types and consolidate them. You were great!

DeekshaStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Sec Writing)

The materials given are very good. Thank you for reaching us with clear explanations.

RuthStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Sec Writing)

I was able to learn how to read actively, which, together with the comprehension skills I learnt, is very helpful in tackling comprehension questions. I would like to thank the teachers for their guidance and encouragement.

AngelineStudent of SPH September Holiday Workshop (Sec Writing)

Thank you for putting in effort for this session! I feel more confident I can do better now! 🙂

Zebina TockStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thanks for teaching us the right techniques. Kudos to you for being such a good trainer!

Aillish LimStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you for teaching us how to write an A* PSLE composition, I’ll be using what I learned today in the future!

Yong LingStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you Teacher Nicolette for teaching me the compo techniques i have not heard before! Now you have boosted my confidence for my compo this PSLE!

Summer ChongStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you so much for helping me through! This will make a big change in my score for compo.

TimothyStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you Teacher Nicolette for helping me improve in my composition. I promise to use these tips to ace my exams!

Sarah FrancisStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

The session today is extremely useful. The session was clear, structured and informative along with methodology and examples. This is the first time I attended the session and I’m glad that it was worth the time.

Rebekah SeragihStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

The session today is extremely useful. The session was clear, structured and informative along with methodology and examples. This is the first time I attended the session and I’m glad that it was worth the time.

Rebekah SeragihStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass