Primary English Enrichment

Composition & Situational Writing
Paper 1

Composition & Situational Writing

Language Use & Comprehension
Paper 2

Language Use & Comprehension

Oral Communication
Paper 4

Oral Communication

This programme is designed to equip your child with the necessary examination strategies for Primary School English. We believe that every component of English must be tackled as such we have structured our lessons in a way that allows ample exposure to every component.

Composition and Situational Writing

  • Identify format and writing requirements using question analysis techniques
  • Use writing techniques and scaffolds to elaborate on their stories
  • Brainstorm creative plots

Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Identify grammar rules that are tested in Grammar Cloze, Editing and MCQs
  • Use creative acronyms to internalise grammar rules
  • Use vocabulary schemas to understand new words


  • Identify key points in the passage using active reading skills
  • Source for clues in the passage using question analysis techniques
  • Craft precise answers using answering techniques
  • Summarise information from different genre of texts

Oral Communication

  • Pronounce, enunciate and intonate when reading aloud
  • Incorporate interesting anecdotes to gain confidence in conversations

12-week Lesson Structure


Week 1 – 3

  • Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary & Orals

Week 4 – 6

  • Grammar, Writing, Comprehension

Week 7 – 10

  • Vocabulary & Orals, Grammar, Vocabulary & Orals, Writing

Revision & Mock tests

Week 11 – 12

  • Revision, Paper 1 & Oral Mock Test
  • Paper 2 Mock test

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