Secondary English

Secondary ‘O’ Level English Mastery Class

Structured around a three-week cycle, language skills in our Secondary ‘O’ Level English Mastery classes are continually revisited and reinforced at increasing levels of complexity as our students progress.

The MOE Secondary English curriculum requires the student to display independent critical thinking and writing across a broad range of topics. At Write Edge, students will learn crucial skills that can help them score in their ‘O’ Level Paper.

Secondary English Tuition

In a small class size of only 7-8 students, our teachers are able to take the time to focus and explore each topic thoroughly. In our classes, we strive for understanding and not just memorising. Our end goal is to help students develop independent and critical thinking.


Suitable for Secondary 1 – 5 students

Paper 1 and 2 Segments

All Paper 1 and Paper 2 segments fully covered (70% Weightage)


Targeted Strategies

Targeted strategies to tackle complex comprehension questions (Latest MOE Syllabus)


Curriculum developed after 4 years of research

Vocabulary Passages and Articles

Be exposed to a carefully selected range of vocabulary words, passages, and articles

Language Skills

Language skills are continually revisited and reinforced at increasing levels of complexity as our students progress from Sec 1 to Sec 4


Structured around a three-week cycle of Comprehension, Writing and Core Skills

Week 1: Comprehension:

    • Active Reading
    • 18 ‘O’ Level Comprehension Question Types
    • Strategic Comprehension Skills
    • Summary Writing Skills
    • Deconstructing Visual Text

Week 2: Writing:

    • Narrative, Personal Recount and Descriptive Writing
    • Expository (Argumentative and Discursive) Writing
    • Situational Writing
    • Current Affairs
    • Point-Elaboration-Evidence-Link (PEEL)
    • Show-Not-Tell
    • Mature Reflection
    • Language Features

Week 3: Core Skills:

    • Build Current Affairs Knowledge
    • Grammar and Vocabulary in Context
    • Develop Opinions, Reflections and Judgement
    • Common Editing Errors



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