English Enrichment vs. Creative Writing Class – Which Is More Suitable For Your Child?

Finding the right centre and the right programme to support your child’s academic journey is important. These are some important questions to consider: which classes specifically should I sign up my child for? What would be a programme that will meet my child’s needs? What are the types of programmes that are available?

At Write Edge, there are two programmes for our primary school students. We have English Enrichment, and Creative Writing Class

English Enrichment vs. Creative Writing

For English Enrichment, it is a comprehensive English programme designed to equip your child with the necessary examination strategies for Primary School English. This entails effective guidance and exercises for Comprehension, Synthesis and Transformation, Grammar, as well as oral communication training. 

For Creative Writing, we employ a dual-pronged approach of skills-based and thematic-based lessons as we prepare children for the Composition Writing component in Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Students are taught how to apply a consistent set of Creative Writing skills in their compositions. New vocabulary is introduced through different story topics each week.

Which programme is suitable for my child?

In order to help make a more informed decision, we should ask ourselves a few questions! The most pertinent question one would naturally be: which paper does your child need help in? If it is paper 1 (which is about writing), then consider signing up for the primary creative writing class. Otherwise, if the sections your child requires bolstering in are papers 2, 3, or 4 (Comprehension, Synthesis and Transformation, Grammar, Oral), English Enrichment is the class to look out for!

If your child needs help in both segments, you could consider signing up for both programmes to support your child in his/ her learning journey. Receive a 5% off the programme term fees when you do so! 

However, if you only want to choose one, there are some tips to aid in our decision-making process. Firstly, select the course your child needs more guidance in outside of school. Our English Enrichment Programme is ideal for students who require more support in building their foundation in English. 

Does your child struggle to identify key points in the comprehension passage? Do they need to brush up on their question analysis techniques? Are they unfamiliar with crafting precise answers using answering techniques, or lack the ability to summarise information from different genres of texts? Do they need help in understanding grammar rules, or expanding their vocabulary? Perhaps proper pronunciation or enunciation is the main stumbling block faced? If you find yourself saying yes to most, or any of these questions, the English Enrichment Programme is your best choice.

On the other hand, the Creative Writing programme is ideal for those looking to hone their overall craft and writing skills. In other words, this means the programme is a great fit for students who want to improve their ability to churn out engaging and well-written compositions that score well. If your child is unfamiliar with good structures of narrative plots, effective storytelling techniques, or simply needs inspiration to write creative compositions, this is the programme to sign up for.

Finding out the specific area where your child needs extra support is the key to making this decision. Nonetheless, if you are still unsure about your decision and have any doubts, feel free to consult our centre managers and teachers for more detailed and personalised advice!

What if my child has not taken any tests yet?

To reiterate, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your child is the best method in ensuring you settle on the most appropriate class for him or her. But what if your child has not taken any tests yet? How would you know which segments they might falter at? In fact, how would you know if they even need help or tuition in the first place? 

The answer is simple: expose your child to all manners of the English language! Even without tests, it can be made clear where one’s passion lies.

For example, you can build a strong foundation and cultivate your child’s love for English and writing by reading them books, and encouraging them to do so on their own. If they gain a fondness for stories and wish to try their hand at it, signing up for our Creative Writing classes can most definitely sharpen their storytelling and basic writing skills. 

You can also introduce your child to the various aspects of the English Paper, even before they sit for an examination. By exposing them to comprehension and grammar exercises at an early age, you could then form an evaluation of your own and determine your child’s interests and strengths in those areas. If they do form an attachment to it, English Enrichment classes would be the best way forward!

In sum, there are several things to consider when signing up for online tuition in Singapore. Taking into account your child’s strengths, weaknesses, as well as their passions, would be the ultimate deciding factor between signing up for an English Enrichment or a Creative Writing Class.

In either class, you can rest assured your child would receive the best possible enrichment our trained teachers can provide. If you still have any remaining doubts, do feel free to reach out to us regarding our classes, and we would be happy to clarify.

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