Frequently Asked Questions (Secondary)

Frequently Asked Questions (Secondary)

How do you teach Secondary English At The Write Corner?

The MOE Secondary curriculum requires critical thinking and independent writing across a broad range of topics. By exposing the students to carefully hand-picked words, passages and articles, as well as engaging them in in-depth discussions on a range of essays – from narrative to current affairs, we hope to prepare them for the O Level examinations and beyond.

Secondary English Mastery course covers 70% of the O Level English paper. Every lesson, we have a specific objective and in 6 weeks, we will cover each segment of the English Paper (as shown below) once through, in-depth.


  • Narrative Text Comprehension
  • Non-Narrative Text Comprehension
  • Visual Text Comprehension


  • Narrative, Recount and Descriptive Writing
  • Argumentative and Expository Writing
  • Situational Writing
  • Summary Writing


  • Current Affairs
  • Editing
  • Vocabulary

What makes The Write Corner SPECIAL/DIFFERENT from the other centres?

In the Secondary English Mastery Classes at The Write Corner, we focus on depth. With the right dose of work and materials, our teachers can take the time to focus and explore further within an area of discussion instead of rushing to complete the syllabus, spreading the students thin.

We strive for understanding, not just memorising.

Our emphasis on depth and discussion mean that the students would be mentally engaged, but such engagement can only be effective when time is given for the students to think about the information they just received and the questions they have. We allow more time for students to think and respond so as to develop independent thinking.

Ultimately, beyond attaining stellar grades, we believe that providing the platform for students to think, write, practise, make mistakes and revise their drafts weekly will benefit them in the long run. English has been, and will continue to be, the most used language in the world. To prepare our children just to tackle the exams, would be myopic.

In our Secondary English Mastery Classes at The Write Corner, we introduce real-life examples and specially curated materials to ensure that the skills they learn will stay relevant even after they complete their O levels.


Our curriculum specialists and ex-MOE teachers who are familiar with the requirements of the Cambridge O Level examinations specially curate our learning materials. They are improved frequently to ensure clarity, effectiveness and to ensure that we are up to date with the latest syllabus changes.

All our Secondary school teachers have over 5 years of experience, are trained regularly, dedicated and passionate! We do our best to ensure that every child learns at The Write Corner regardless of ability.

Low student-teacher ratio:

We strictly run small classes of ONLY 7 students and this promotes higher interaction between the teachers and the students. Not many centres offer such a low student-teacher ratio.

Students can comfortably pose questions to their teachers who act as facilitators to help them achieve understanding of their texts, questions as well as with crafting their essays.

Are the Secondary English Mastery classes very different from the Primary School Writing classes?

Yes, it is considerably different. The primary school creative writing classes only covers the composition writing segment of the English paper. The Secondary English Mastery class covers 70% of the English paper (all except Listening and Oral). The scope of topics and skills taught at the Secondary level is also much wider.

At Secondary Level, students are expected to be independent learners and take responsibility of their weekly revision and homework.

Is there a trial class?

Yes. Your child may attend one paid trial class before deciding if our programme is suitable for him/her.

Will there be lessons on Public Holidays?

No, there are no lessons on Public Holidays.

What if my child can’t make it for one lesson due to school activities or illness?

Make-up classes can be arranged in the same week. We run our weekly lessons from Wednesday to Saturday.

If you are going to miss your class on Saturday, kindly let us know in advance so we can arrange for a make-up class. Students will not be able to attend a make up class on Week 9 for a Week 8 lesson.

If your child is unwell or has school activities, we can pro-rate your fees or credit the fees you have paid for, to the following term (maximum twice a term) – with valid supporting documents i.e Medical Certificate or a school letter. Other emergency reasons will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. There will be no refund of fees.