Primary 2

Primary Creative Writing

Primary 2

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unforgettable Event

Ring! The alarm clock jolted Rachel awake. It was finally the day of her birthday. “Yay! It is my birthday!” She yelled, as she jumped in the air. She bolted to the living room to have her breakfast. When she reached the living room, she noticed that the living room was pitch dark! There was no one to be found. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she had never been alone before. She went to one corner and started sobbing. “How can there be no one at home on my birthday?” She whispered to herself as she continued sobbing quietly. “Happy birthday, Rachel!” Her family members and friends exclaimed as they switched on the main lights. “I thought you left me alone by myself at home.” Rachel yelled in delight as she hugged her mother. To her upmost surprise, she glanced around the living room and saw colourful streamers and balloons that decorated the place. As she skipped into the kitchen, the aroma of delicious food drifted into her nostrils. While Rachel’s mother took out the food, Rachel and her friends watched a cartoon on television. When the food was laid out on the table, Rachel invited her friends and family members to sit at the table. “Let’s start the feast!” Her mother announced as she stood up. This started the scrumptious feast as a radiant smile swept across everyone’s face. Soon, the party came to a close. Everyone had a whale of a time and thanked Rachel and her mother for inviting them. What an unforgettable event! Hilary Yeow Primary 2 (2017), Ai Tong Primary School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unforgettable Event

It was a Thursday morning. Sunlight darted through the open windows of my room. “Ring!” The alarm clock resounded as I jolted awake. I checked my calendar and realised it was my birthday! I dashed to my living room. “Boo!” I yelled as I jumped for joy. However, the living room was pitch dark. There was no one to be found! “Where is everyone?” I sobbed. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as I sat on the sofa, feeling dejected.

To my utmost surprise, the lights turned on. “Wait, who could that be?” I asked myself as I rubbed my eyes. “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Alyssa, happy birthday to you!” My parents sang loudly as they held a vanilla cream cake. “Thank you Mum and Dad!” I exclaimed as I grinned from ear to ear. “It’s your birthday! You do no need to thank me!” My mother answered. She handed me a present!

The living room was filled with decorations. Colourful streamers and balloons decorated the place. My friends came to play too! I had so much fun playing with my funny and silly friends! A radiant smile swept across my face. The aroma of delicious food drifted into all my friends’ nostrils because my mother was a great cook! Soon, it was time to cut the cake. It was covered with fruits. It was a savoury cake! After cutting the cake, my friends had to go back home.

How I wished that there were forty-eight hours in a day! What an unforgettable birthday!

Alyssa Tan
Primary 2 (2017), Nanyang Primary School

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unforgettable Event

“Ring!” The school bell rang as I dashed home. When I got home, the living room was pitch dark and there was no one to be seen! Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought my parents had forgotten my birthday.

To my utmost surprise, the lights were suddenly switched on with a loud click! I saw many colourful streamers and balloons decorated the living room. The aroma of delicious food drifted into my nostrils. “Surprise!” my parents yelled gleefully as they sprung up behind me. Happy tears rolled down my cheeks as a radiant smile swept across my face.

My father quickly raced to the kitchen to fetch my cake and as he ambled out of the kitchen, “Happy Birth-“ but before he could say, “day,” he tripped over a wire! The cake flew up in the air and landed on my little sister. “Wah! Wah!” she cried as she waved her small hands in the air. My mother, my older brother and I rushed to remove as much sticky cake out of her hair as possible. “Silly father!” I scolded my father as I put my hand on my hips. My father had learnt a valuable lesson to always watch where he was going.

What an unforgettable event!

Ian Wong
Primary 2 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

An Unforgettable Event

“Hooray!” John exclaimed as he punched his fist in the air. “It is time to go home!” John packed his school bag and dashed to the nearest railway station. Within minutes, the train arrived. John went on the train and made a beeline to the nearest seat.

Not long after, John got off the train and bolted to his house’s main door. He expected his whole family to greet him. To his dismay, when he got in, the whole house was pitch dark and no one was found. Tears rolled down his cheeks and thought that no one remembered his birthday.

“Surprise!” John’s whole family leaped from behind the curtains. John’s father switched on the lights. John felt elated to see his family. A delicious feast was right before his eyes. John turned around and saw balloons and streamers decorating the ceiling and walls. There was even a huge banner that read, “Happy Birthday, John!” After devouring our dinner, my father took a huge strawberry flavoured cake from the fridge. John’s parents then sang a happy birthday song for him.

Suddenly, John’s father tripped over one of the chair’s legs and the whole cake flew and landed on the floor. “Daddy! Look what you have done!” John hollered as he stomped his feet in frustration.

John’s mother told him to calm down. She whispered, “It is alright, even if the cake is damaged. It does not matter. We can always make a new one. What truly matters is that your father is alright.” She was right. John ambled towards his father and apologised for being rude. John and his parents made a new cake.

After the new cake was made, John and his parents gobbled down the cake. John decided to forgive his father. It was really an unforgettable event!

Wong E Vee
Primary 2 (2016)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

A Blackout

“How boring this is!” I sighed. I looked outside the window. I was sitting on the emerald green sofa at home watching television together with my family. In the midst of the television show, my mother suggested that we go to see the latest Transformers movie. Our family immediately agreed to her suggestion gleefully.

Without a moment’s delay, we hopped into the car and made a beeline to the theatre, which was a stone’s throw away from our house. My father bought the tickets and we made ourselves comfortable in the seats. Soon, the movie started.

Halfway through the movie, the lights suddenly went off. People around us screamed in terror. The theatre was dark and eerie. A voice from the loudspeaker announced loudly, “Please do not panic. The lights will be on shortly.” I huddled together with my parents closely as tears rolled down my cheeks. My mother used a flashlight that she had kept in her bag so I would not be so scared.

After a few minutes, the lights turned back on and I heaved a sigh of relief. When the movie ended, I asked my parents curiously, “Why did the lights go off?” They explained that there was a power cut so the lights went off. Since then, I became more interested in how electricity works and would often conduct experiments. This was the first and hopefully the last time to be stuck in a blackout.

Edmund Tang
Primary 2 (2015)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

A Near Drowning Incident

Once, there were two youthful lads. One named Alson and one named Elliot. They were often up to mischief and they were very brave boys. Once, they even played a prank on their friend by throwing a water bomb at him. They were up to another mischievous plan. They were released from school. Their plan was to challenge each other to see who could swim the fastest. They set out looking for fun but ended up courting danger.

Splash! The waves splashed on to the soft brown sand. The race began! The boys guffawed with glee and also shrieked with excitement. Alson was taking the lead with every stroke. The duo did not know the horror that would unfold shortly.

Halfway across the sea, the waves got bigger. Panic set in. The two of them started to lose strength in their legs. Alson chocked on a mouthful of water. That made him panic even more. The strong currents pushed them further from the beach. They were like rag dolls in the ocean. They flailed their arms in the air. Their faces turned pale. They shivered because they were freezing!

They thought there was no hop left for them. All of a sudden, a passer-by saw them. He gathered all his courage and dived down to save them. When they were pulled up, they were drenched from top to toe. They felt mortified as everyone shook their head at them. They were traumatised by the incident. They dared not show their faces. They know they were going to get into big trouble with their parents and promised not to do mischievous stuff again. Once bitten, twice shy!

Alger Ang
Primary 2 (2015)

by Wafeeq, Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School

Angry Mother Bird

The sun shone brilliantly in the vast blue sky. Alex was a mischievous boy. He often played pranks on his friends. It was a perfect day to go outdoors. Alex went to the park that was a stone’s throw away from his house. He passed by a tree and saw many eggs on the nest.

Alex’s eyes glittered with excitement and a brilliant idea struck him! He whispered as he jumped into the air, “I should take the eggs!” A mischievous smile appeared on his face. As he climbed up the tree, his legs felt like jelly because the tree was slippery. On his way up he saw an angry mother bird. He was petrified.

Just as he was about to take the eggs, the mother bird pecked him on his head. Alex gasped in shock. In a split second, he fell down to the ground with a loud thud! He winced and whimpered in pain.

He learnt a valuable lesson that day. Alex regretted his actions and learnt not to take what did not belong to him.

Primary 2 (2015)