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What Parents and Students Say About Our Online Tuition

Miley truly enjoys the weekly online lessons by Write Edge. She feels empowered by the descriptive writing skills to churn out more engaging stories! (Basically she enjoys showing off her essays.) Pretty amazing when Miley started using phrases like ‘eyes lit up with enthusiasm’, ‘sweltering sun’, ‘gritted my teeth’ in her essay writing and I figured this is the ‘cheat code’  Miley needs in order to write better!

Write Edge offers guided composition lessons with useful phrases that kids can learn, as well as provision of logical essay structure and sentence structure! Miley explained there is a ‘mountain’ structure in composition writing leading up to climax before conclusion. She was also given time to do independent writing, which means storyline is all original and not guided.

From a parent’s POV, I feel it’s most important that the kid has interest in enrichment classes. They will naturally be self-motivated and be able to absorb better. Unless you’re born with an innate ability, I truly think that only by working hard on improving writing can make you better at it. Oh and of course a good teacher makes all the difference. Thank you Teacher Shalini for your patience and making class interesting for Miley.

I’ll recommend Write Edge to any kiddos who need help in writing, it will be a confidence booster as much as academic support!

Ripple SimParent of Miley Soo, P3

I’d like to take this chance to thank Teacher Eileen for arranging the online lessons using Zoom for my son, Kai Lok, during this difficult period. I appreciate her patience and flexibility during this period.

Teacher Eileen is not only knowledgeable in writing but also dedicated towards helping him to improve. Even through Zoom, appropriate and constructive feedback was given to him to improve after every composition marked.

Besides that, Teacher Eileen always keeps the Zoom lesson interactive by asking him for inputs. Overall, he enjoyed the lessons very much because of Teacher Eileen’s encouragement and passion in teaching.

I really appreciate all the effort she puts into every lesson and especially her constant feedback on his progress.

NicoleMother of Kai Lok (P6)

The Write Edge Zoom sessions for Andre and Antonio are helpful as they are interactive, close attention is given to my children and there is little distraction. The illustrations on screen are also clear. This is helpful for my children to learn and to ensure that they do not miss anything.

CynthiaMother of Andre (P4) and Antonio (P5)

My son has been taking Primary English Enrichment lessons with Teacher Nicolette online due to the lockdown imposed by the Singapore government. I am glad to have Teacher Nicolette tutoring my son because she is a very patient teacher.

Having a keen eye for detail, she pays great attention to my son’s weaknesses and works with him to correct his mistakes. I am pleased to see an improvement in my son’s academic performance.

My son’s teacher at Write Edge is willing to go the extra mile to help my son even after the class timings and remains accessible for any questions he might have. As such, I strongly recommend Write Edge to anyone who looking for an effective tuition centre.

Alice LeeParent of P6 Student, Ea Quan Zhou

Signed up my child for lessons with the ST Promo and was surprised my child is always happy to see the colourful worksheet and enthusiastically waiting for lesson to start with Teacher Christina. She will be happily drafting her composition even when lesson ends at 9pm and do not want to rest till she completes it.

I would like to give a thumbs up to Teacher Christina specifically. She makes sure that every student listens attentively and does not disrupt the class by giving verbal warning to any student who tries to misbehave. I really appreciate her gesture as we all know how precious time is given that lessons are being held online now.

Parent of Student from P6 Tue 7pm Class (BC)

I want to compliment Teacher Christina and Teacher Farshad for the way they talked to the kids. I find that they know that kids can be easily distracted during online learning like disappearing from the screen and not paying attention but they were able to bring the child’s focus back. Thank you very much.

Mrs NeoParent of Neo Wei Shan, P6

Just received the worksheets in the post. Thank you very much for this nice gesture. None of other tuition centres does this. It is very thoughtful to include a writing pad too. We have just started the journey with you and we hope to continue on.

Parent of P4 Student

Teacher Suk Yi was very patient with us and always sought to find the best way to engage and help us. The platform where Write Edge teaches on is easy and convenient to use.

StudentSec 4, Fri 430pm Class

I like it that I can have the lesson in comfort of my home. It was engaging. Thank you Teacher Nicolette for being patient, clarifying our doubts and for the Kahoot game!

StudentSec 4, Sun 11am Class

The teacher was engaging during the lesson and made sure everyone was participative. Thank you for letting us have a fun and engaging lesson.

Natalie SoongSec 4 Student, Sun 11am Class

It was interactive. Everyone actively participated. Thank you for always stopping to ask the students questions to make sure that we are on the right track!

StudentSec 4, Sun 11am Class

I don’t have to spend time travelling to the tuition centre and yet the lessons were as educative as lessons conducted in classrooms. Thank you.

StudentSec 4, Sat 11am Class

Thank you for putting in effort for this session! I feel more confident I can do better now! 🙂

Zebina TockStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thanks for teaching us the right techniques. Kudos to you for being such a good trainer!

Aillish LimStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you for teaching us how to write an A* PSLE composition, I’ll be using what I learned today in the future!

Yong LingStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you Teacher Nicolette for teaching me the compo techniques i have not heard before! Now you have boosted my confidence for my compo this PSLE!

Summer ChongStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you so much for helping me through! This will make a big change in my score for compo.

TimothyStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Thank you Teacher Nicolette for helping me improve in my composition. I promise to use these tips to ace my exams!

Sarah FrancisStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

The session today is extremely useful. The session was clear, structured and informative along with methodology and examples. This is the first time I attended the session and I’m glad that it was worth the time.

Rebekah SeragihStudent of SPH Online PSLE Masterclass

Interactive Zoom Lessons

WELearn Portal

Welcome to our WELearn Programme!

You will have access to our high-quality content, structured materials and unique teaching methods online. To keep your child engaged, we have spared no effort to ensure that our programme is interactive and your child’s learning goals are met. Our dedicated Write Edge teachers will guide them through our curriculum, activities and quizzes.

What WELearn Offers

WELearn Portal

WELearn Portal

WELearn Portal to access our structured materials, activities and quizzes



Hardcopy worksheets will be delivered to you for your convenience.

Interactive Sessions

Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions conducted via Zoom with our WE Teachers

Detailed Marking

Detailed Marking

Detailed and personalised feedback and marking for writing will be given after students have submitted their Draft 1s via the portal

How Online Learning Can Benefit Your Child

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Students can access our lessons 24/7 to revise with their preferred device, location and time of their choosing. WELearn gives you the tools and resources for their round-the-clock learning.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn at Your Own Pace

Students can access the materials on WELearn several times for their own revision. Rewind, pause and continue at their own pace. By going through the materials at their own pace, students can efficiently achieve better retention of the content.

Learn Effectively with Personalised Feedback

Learn Effectively with Personalised Feedback

Compositions will be marked in detail like our regular lessons. We know that individualised feedback on students’ work is important to help students learn and perform at their very best.