What Are The Important Things To Look Out For When Looking For A Tuition Centre?

In light of how examinations are an important and a difficult hurdle to overcome for some students, it is no surprise that many of us find tuition in Singapore a good educational supplement to bolster their skills.

With so many centres and programmes to choose from, it is critical to make sure parents find the right one. There are a few things parents should look out for when seeking the best tuition centre for your children. 

At Write Edge, our students’ success is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we ensure that our actions ladder up to achieving our brand promise of mastery made possible. This mastery would be in every main aspect of examinable English, be it its foundations or writing technique. This is our promise to parents, and all students who enrol in our tutelage. We plan to fulfil this promise through 4 central aspects of our education institute. Similarly, these aspects are what you should look out for when looking for a tuition centre as well.

Dedicated Teachers

With decades of combined teaching, curriculum planning, and education management experience, our teachers are experts in giving your child the support they need. More than educators, our teachers are listeners, mentors, and cheerleaders. They are passionate and dedicated to delivering our material to our students in the most engaging methods possible. They turn English lessons into something that your children can and will look forward to. 

You do not have to worry that your child will merely sit in class hearing a one-sided monologue. Instead, we highly encourage student participation, where your child’s ideas, questions, and opinions are able to be bounced back and forth between our teachers and even peers as well. There is no question about their dedication in ensuring your child gets the best education we can provide!

Quality Lessons

Our curriculum offers a unique mix of structure and creativity, equipping students with the tools to tackle the exams with confidence and apply what they’ve learned outside the classroom.

We believe lessons do not have to be standard exercises, or mundane lectures. Above all, we feel there is no reason that lessons cannot be both educational and enjoyable! This is why our teachers host a colourful array of activities and games which encourage hands-on participation. These activities are cycled through and updated regularly to keep things fresh and enjoyable for our students. With an engaged mind, your children would be more encouraged to participate in classes, which fuels this fun cycle of learning!  

Individualised Feedback

In school settings, it can be rather difficult for teachers to provide individualised feedback or attention to the dozens of students under their charge. However, the educational setting is different here at Write Edge! Our small class size, which consists of 6 – 8 students on average, means that each and every one of our students can receive undivided attention from our teachers. This results in our educators having the perfect chance to cater to each child’s learning style. 

Our immediate and personalised feedback ensures that every student gets the support they need to reach their potential. We understand every child is different, and finding the best ways to nurture their talents and growth is how they can excel!

A Supportive Team

We’re here to empower and support you through your child’s holistic development. At every centre, our senior teachers, teaching specialists and centre managers will work closely with you to ensure your child’s success in the classroom and beyond

Need help arranging replacement classes, or face issues with payments? Our admin support team has you covered. They can clarify any questions about the class schedules, term schedules, programmes and the like. Essentially, they are the first point of contact, and your go-to for any administrative matters.

Need additional support or perspective regarding a student’s learning journey? Our senior teachers can help diagnose areas for improvement, breaking down the learning journey into bite size goals – your child will be able to obtain achievable goals, at the appropriate pace!

In summary, some of the most important things to look out for when looking for a tuition centre lies in 4 main areas. Ask yourself the following questions.

Do they have dedicated teachers, and do they provide quality lessons? Is individualised feedback provided? Does the tuition centre staff a supportive team?

At Write Edge, the answer to those questions is a resounding yes! With the help of our veteran teachers and caring support staff, you can rest easy knowing your children would be in safe hands. We promise to guide them every step of the way in their English learning journey. 


Is your child taking the PSLE? Join us for our PSLE English tuition online, where we have live online classes, or physically at our 7 centres across Singapore. 

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