• What We Do

    2020 Class Schedule
Kindergarten Programme

Kindergarten (K1-K2) Curriculum

The early years are crucial for a children’s holistic development.

Our Kindergarten classes focus on helping students to ​Read by 5 and Write by 6!

This helps them to build a strong foundation in the English Language. Our structured and well-thought out curriculum provides them with ample opportunities to build their confidence in reading and writing.

Primary 1 to 6 Curriculum

At the primary level, we focus on teaching Creative Writing in a class of only 6 students. Our teachers introduce valuable creative writing skills to help them express their thoughts & emotions through writing.

Teachers​ give detailed feedback on every piece of composition​ written in class. As your child moves up each grade, he/she will get to explore a wide range of composition topics.

We nurture writers from a young age and help them to translate their vivid imaginations into stories.

Secondary 1 to 4 Curriculum

At the secondary level, all paper 1 and paper 2 segments of the English ‘O’ Level paper are fully covered (70% Weightage).

In our lessons, we focus keenly on Comprehension, Writing and Current Affairs.

Targeted strategies to tackle complex comprehension questions and a carefully selected range of vocabulary words, passages, and articles based on the latest MOE syllabus are introduced to students.